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DM-Kaedan [Final] [Pics]

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    DM-Kaedan [Final] [Pics]

    Name: DM-Kaedan

    Version: 1.0

    Compatibility: Any.


    A vanilla Death Match map for Unreal Tournament 3.


    Kaedan was a wealthy merchant who gained his fortune and notoriety through cunning deception and corporate espionage. In an ironic twist of fate, when it came to buying his dream lake-side mansion, he himself was tricked into buying the property in a sector that only ever rained. After hunting down those responsible, he donated the mansion to the tournament.


    This is my first published map using the UT3 editor. Any comments or feedback would be appreciated.








    Special thanks to my beta testers.


    Download DM-Kaedan

    Thanks for playing.

    Downloading while I'm typing...

    I'll let you know how good your map is in a few minutes.

    The pictures looks good... hope it plays the same way.


    First, the good things...

    Ok, your map is great!!! The layout is great, the size, the atmosphere, everything is perfect to me, I love it!!!

    I played 3 games and I still need to play more to know it well, your map is huge!!! No wonder you put some vehicles on it.

    I love the raining areas... specially the one with the heavy rain... its a little difficult to aim with the sniper but is pretty good.

    Now the not so good things (in my opinion)

    The respawn areas are way to far from each other... I spent more time trying to find the bots than having some action... and I was playing with 11 bots... more players could be more fun.

    I don't think that the vehicles fits well in this map... as a DM map is one of my favorites from now on, but with vehicles... I know its big... but not so big to have vehicles... anyway, I have the mutator to remove them and that's the solution to this.

    The Redeemer is way to easy to pick it up... it should be place in a difficult area... how about if you put it in the middle of the heavy raining area?

    Well, I think is all, as I said before, your map is pretty good, I love it the way it is now, but if I want more fun I need to use some mutators to enjoy it the most.

    Keep rocking man!!!


      Cheers man for the response, any and all feedback only helps improve my next map hopefully =)


        I have mixed feelings about this map...

        Good Stuff
        1. Construction and visuals were very good. Looks like you spent time so your map is pleasant to look at.
        2. I really like the rain/sounds overall, it's a nice touch of atmosphere and was done well. Though, it might have been better to have a little less rain to help with performance.
        3. I liked some of the creative touches you had like the little statues on display, the deadly force field by the udamage pickup, and I really loved the fences that light up and stop you. It's a small, but very nice touch to your map.

        Not-so-Good Stuff
        1. First off, I am not a fan of vehicles in death match maps. Even though you only have a few of them, it seems like there isn't enough Avrils to pickup? It's nice that there are certain sections that allow you to drive the vehicles and certain areas where they are not allowed. But my opinion is this, if you are going to do a vehicle DM map, it should be similar to a Warfare map, but with out the nodes. Being that I am biased, take this comment with a grain of salt.
        2. I really don't like the name of the map being projected on the floor. It doesn't help your map in the visuals department and it's a bit tacky in my opinion. The only reason I would put the name of a map inside the map, is if it was a place called that. Even then, I would make it a bit more subtle. Place it on a little sign that a player would have to discover and say "hey look at this! ".
        3. For what I consider to be a DM layout, your map is a bit big and in some places is a bit over scaled. There are other areas that are nice and offer some nice fighting. But to me, it seems like it should be a CTF or WAR map given it's size and the many flat areas.

        Overall, I think the map is built well, has very nice visuals (atmosphere), but the game play is lacking for my tastes. I do hope others find it enjoyable to play as KAZUYA217 did. I think you have the core skills to continue making very nice maps.


          I enjoy playing in CTF, TDM & DM modes in almost all the maps...

          I used to play with as much bots the maps supports before jump over the online game on all the maps I downloaded and this one IMO is a solid one to spend some time playing.

          But I don't have seen yet this one on any server... maybe what Odedge comments is true and I'm the only one who enjoyed the most your map.

          Anaway, I like it!!!


            Nice map, has good atmosphere and I really like the outdoor section with the interactive dino fence. As others have already mentioned the action can get a bit slow sometimes, even with 11 bots, but it's not so bad it ruins gameplay, imo. And of course you can always add more bots... Oh and personally I like the vehicles, just too bad they're locked in TDM, as usual.


              Thanks for the feedback guys.

              I tend to make maps a little larger than normal as I always want to fit them in some real "place" that I've imagined in my head, so normally I allow for large wide open areas that I can fill in later. But sometimes this lends the map large distances to cover. It's something I'll have to work on.

              For Kaedan, the wide open spaces were mainly for vehicles, as I wanted to create a no-mans-land on the beach, with the redeemer and invisibility as the prize should you make it down there with vehicles and such gunning for you. I made the rain heavy to reduce visibility so snipers didn't have a field day and help provide some atmosphere to the level. Wanted to create a good contrast between outdoors with the pouring rain/open spaces to inside with tight corridors and plenty of cover.

              As for the Kaedan decal on the floor, it was my first decal and I just wanted to break up the texture on the floor a bit =P Next time I'll try for some something a little better than that.

              Anyway, thanks again for the feedback. Should have another map out for Phase 3 =)


                Wow, it's a shame that not many people know about this...

                I just tried it out myself, and I have to say, this is one awesome map!!!

                I just happened to type "mansion" into the search engine to try to find a map I liked a while back, and I came across this!!

                What luck, this is one hell of a map!!! Thanks for this, and I'm looking forward to more maps of yours, that is, of course, if you're actually making more!

                Awesome job!!!


                  Overall this is a pretty good map but I think its too big even with some vehicles. I'm personally not a fan of huge DM maps. I also think the redeemer is too easy to get.

                  The good is that the visuals are pretty good and the rain looks good. This is a fun map with only a few issues