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    Ut2d 2.0 rc2

    Name: UT2D
    Version: 2.0 RC2
    Compatibility: PC 1.3 or PS3 1.2
    Download: FileFront

    Hey guys. This is a release canidate for UT2D 2.0. The one I entered into MSUC was basically RC1. I simply ran out of time. This one should be better. I fixed the weapon replacement mutator crashing, and changed the map up a bit (I plan to do much more to the map now that I've play-tested it a bunch).

    Again, I don't have a PS3 to check out that version, but I think it should work. For the PS3, I've split it up into two mods, one for the Instagib mutator and one for everything else. You have to install them seperately. I never got it working as one package, so maybe it will as two.

    Please make sure all these things work:

    UT2D gametypes appear in gametypes list
    Coret2D shows up in the maps list with a picture and player sizes, and when you play it, you can read its description in the pause menu.
    UT2D Instagib shows up in the list of mutators
    UT2D weapons show up in the Weapon Replacement mutator
    The correct games and map load for the 4 gametypes
    Those 2 mutators work like they should

    General feedback on the mod and map are also appreciated.



    UT2D for UT3 is a mod that turns Unreal Tournament into a 2D shooter. Suddenly, you can only see what's immediately in front of you, so everything is even more chaotic. Play offline against bots or online with anyone!

    Gametypes: UT2D is played by selecting the proper gametype when creating a match. It comes with 4 gametypes:
    • UT2D Deathmatch
    • UT2D Team Deathmatch
    • UT2D Capture The Flag
    • UT2D Duel

    The rules are identical to those from UT3.

    Maps: Right now, I just have one map from the stock UT3 maps converted for a 2D layout, but I want to work towards converting them all. Right now, the one map is playable in all four gametypes, but as more maps are included, maps may be restricted by gametype.
    • UT2D-Coret2D

    Bots: This mod is playable against bots. They're not perfect because they don't totally know they're in a 2D world, but they are still challenging and fun to play with. They're not very good at swimming yet.

    Mutators: Most of the mutators that came with UT3 will work with UT2D except for Instagib. When you want to play an Instagib game, select UT2D Instagib instead. For the Weapon Replacement mutator, make sure you select the versions of weapons that begin with UT2D.

    Mod mutators and weapons may not work right away. If you would like your mutator to work with UT2D, all I have to do is make a simple package with the right changes. Just let me know.

    Weapons: Most of the stock weapons work except deployables, the Sniper Rifle, and the Redeemer. Here is a full list of weapons available in UT2D.
    • Rocket Launcher
    • Bio Rifle
    • Flak Cannon
    • Link Gun
    • Impact Hammer
    • Enforcer
    • Shock Rifle
    • Stinger Minigun
    • Longbow AVRiL (not very fun since there are no vehicles yet)
    • Translocator

    If you have made your own weapon mod and would like it to work in UT2D, let me know. All I have to do is make an additional package.

    Controls: The controls are basically whatever you have them set up for UT3, except for a few things. Left ('A' or left on an analog stick) moves you left through the world and right ('D' or right on an analog stick) moves you right. Up ('W' or up on an analog stick) and down ('S' or down on an analog stick) make you jump and crouch respectively.

    Look around with a mouse or analog stick. Your crosshair is basically on a circle surrounding your character. Your aim is from your character to the crosshair.

    You will see more of the world left or right depending on the direction you are looking. If you are crouching, you can extend your view up or down as well.

    PS3 version is importing and unpacking fine but it does not show up on the Content list or in the Gametype list.


      I've updated Ducts to work with this version.


        Here's the UT2d 2.0 Final + source


          The filefront link isn't working for me