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    Originally posted by Odedge View Post
    Yeah, I felt the same way with DM-Tomac. I guess it's better to have 2 maps being worked on at the same time. When you get sick of one, there is the other. Just make sure they are different enough.

    I think a very wise mapper once said (can't remember who it was, CliffyB?)...

    Someone from 3dbuzz said that before in a UT2004 tutorial back when i was learning =P I believe he refered to Cliffyb lol


      Thanks for the update g0th. I know all about the busy part. I still haven't been able to put the polish on my map. I will gladly wait for this one. Just out of curiosity. Can one get to the other castle across the gorge? I played it quite a few times now and was always too busy with bots to look for a way.


        There is no way to get over there. I think that it's a cool idea environment like, but for dm gameplay it would totally break it. Maybe if I did a war version


          I did some changes to the map. Mainly updated a lot of materials and changed the lightning but I also did a new rebuild of it. So here's is a version that don't have the lightning needs to be rebuilt text

          I would like to hear what you all think about the changes but please comment on them in the beta thread found here:


            No preview shot, old medieval castle, greenish hue, good map and layout, very good bots, don’t fall, no music, lighting seems better and I like the waterfalls, towers, vines and castle as well as the teleporters.



            Just out of curiosity, why the f would you delete the hidden preview shot from the fixed version? The regular RC2 version had something called menuscreen under the Tex subdirectory within the editor. Now I guess I have to make my own.


              Like the castle map.

              This map is built with great atmosphere, custom content and layout; but no sound or music whatsoever. Like the tower/castle view and skybox; as well as the waterfall, trims, vines, grasses, arches, weapon/item placement, fugitive z-axis play, and the bots are decent. Better not try to fall next time.

              PS3 link for this map: