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    Angels fall First Planetstorm

    Angels Fall First Planetstorm

    Version: V1.00 (Pre-Alpha RC1)
    And here it is! Our first release and entry for Phase 2 of the Make Something Unreal Competition.
    Download Angels Fall First: Planetstorm on ModDB


    Planetstorm is an objective based assault-style game played in two theaters, in space, and on the ground. in space you must engage fleets of massive warships, controlling vehicles in first person from ship interiors or launching fighters to engage in spectacular dogfights. Planetside you must fight either as attacker or defender, using an array of vehicles and weapons to overcome the enemy.


    This release is horribly rushed, and should not be viewed as anything but a statement of intent from the Planetstorm team - a taste of what is to come.

    We considered holding off till phase 3 of the MSUC but we wanted to release because we owe our community for their faith, and we owe our team for their hard work. this version is *amusing* at best, especially on the space gametypes, but things do work. You can fly the ships, shoot the guns, marvel at the scenery etc.
    (The following is also available in the readme file included in the release)

    In the installation archive file you will find a directory called AFFgame. Extract this folder to your Mydocuments/Mygames/Unreal Tournament 3 folder, where it should sit alongside the UTgame folder.


    Use the "Planetstorm Normal" shortcut in your newly installed AFFgame directory to launch the mod. once ut3 has booted you should see the Planetstorm menu background animation. To play an AFF map, start a server or instant action game as normal , and choose AFFgameinfo from the gametype list. Set up your match as normal and start the match.


    * Install and run the mod as described above,
    * Host a game, join a game or open an instant action game,
    * Choose AFFgameinfo from the gametype menu if not joining a game,
    * Choose a map if not joining a game,
    * When the map loads you will see the pre-game screen,
    * Choose a faction (by default, one is auto-chosen for you altho you can change it)
    * Choose a role,
    * Choose any loadout items you desire,
    * For a ground based map, choose a squad (double click on a squad tab)
    * for a space based map, choose a ship (double click on a ship tab)
    * For a ground based map, double click a spawn point (orange circle with a cross) on the map - it should expand slightly when selected
    * Space based maps do not require you to choose a spawn location
    * Hit esc to leave the menu,
    * Hit fire to start.
    * To return to the menu, use the M key


    The first person character controls and many vehicle controls remain the same as UT3 (refer to your UT3 manual for information on how to move and shoot :P )


    Here you choose your faction, your character role, your weapon and item loadout and your squad or ship.

    * TEAM - your team is auto-chosen when you join, but you may change it on this tab. choose either United League of Planets (wings) or the Antarean Star Empire (sword)
    * ROLE - choose from the available types of character here. You have a choice of light, medium or heavy armour which affects how much inventory you can carry and the amount of freedom of movement that it affords.
    * LOADOUT - here you choose your starting weapons and items. some items confer modifiers on your suit, like Suit Boost, others allow you to heal or repair or resupply. note that each item has a cost in weight and energy - you cannot carry more than you can hold, nor use items which drain more power than your suit can output.
    * SQUAD - this tab is only present in ground-based maps. leading a squad gives you command over any AI in that squad, and also means your squad members have an additional HUD identification recticle ingame.
    * SHIP - this tab appears only in space-based games. choose which ship to start on board from the available surviving ships in your fleet. MAP - in the ground based game, you must choose a starting location by double clicking on a spawn icon (circle with a cross) which will increase the icon's size when selected. the map is for display only in the space game: you shoose your starting location by choosing a ship.


    when you have made all the choices in the pre-game screen (an alert will tell you if you have neglected any), hit ESC to leave the pregame screen, then hit fire to spawn when the spawn wave counter reaches 0


    Planetstorm is an objective-based game, and objectives will show up as icons on your hud, such as DESTROY or DEFEND or CAPTURE. capture objectives require you to maintain position at an objective for a certain amount of time (shown as a progress bar on your hud) without allowing enemy players into the area


    One of the joys of Planetstorm is commanding huge lineships and capital ships. each ship has an interior map, and to operate the spacecraft you must log in to various consoles found around the ship (the helm is always on the bridge)

    * HELM consoles allow you to take the helm of the spacecraft. flight controls are similar to the UT3 raptor, altho since these are 500m + vehicles, they are just a bit sluggish - dont fly into the scenery! you can also roll your ship by holding SHIFT whilst pressing left or right strafe.
    * TURRET consoles allow you to operate the ships' various weapon systems (altho the helm console gives access to any forward-facing weaponry like spinal ion cannon)
    * BAY consoles allow you to take a figher from the ship bay. fighters operate in a similar fashion to large ships but have only one player seat and are much more manouverable.

    * PLANETSTORM KEYS (ut3 keys are unchanged)

    The following keys should be already bound and ready for use:

    M: Midgame/ Respawn Menu
    R: Reload

    The following keys are experimental, and may lead to unforseen behaviour. Therefore they should be manually bound ingame each run. Press f10 (console) and type:

    setbind *putkeyhere* togglenv

    setbind *putkeyhere* sprint

    Firemode (single, burst, full auto)
    setbind *putkeyhere* firemode


    KNOWN ISSUES v1.00

    this version of the mod hardy rates as an alpha and there are numerous problems, unfinished features, missing features or bugged features.

    * - the game is terribly, horribly unbalanced
    * - character arms in 1st person - unfinished and bugged
    * - 1st person cam keeps view roll after exiting a ship console (clientside only) (solve with suicide)
    * - some ship weapons are invisible (clientside only)
    * - bots do not complete all objectives
    * - bots do not fly spacecraft properly
    * - docking fighters to a ship does not currently work (clientside ony)
    * - when switching maps on a server, some clients may be unable to spawn when joining (solve with reconnect)
    * - when running maps for the first time, shader caching may take so long that the server join request times out. solve by rejoining (the map should load faster once it has been first-run)
    * - when accessing a ship console while another player is already using it, the first player is ejected and frozen in place, unable to do anything including suicide or exiting the game. (solve with ctrl-alt-delete/end process and reconnect)

    We are working hard to fix these things and make planetstorm fun and stable. Help us out by posting bug reports on our forums (please be sensible about this and try to keep reports brief and useful. include a log if you had a crash).

    Updates and patch fixes will be released soon. So stay tuned.




    Alex - founder
    Strangelet - art director
    Sarcen - code lead
    Jetfire - map lead
    Darknet - vehicle and weapon code
    Switch' - flight code
    Deathwish - game design + prototyping
    Ikarus - models + tex
    SkyWay - models
    Oblivion - models + tex
    UnknownTarget -models
    SonOfMan - models, mapping, animation
    DrMan - models + tex
    Cevius - models
    Xhado - models
    Kosit - models + tex
    FailureCrusade - models
    LegionDD - mapping, dev apps
    Berjj - mapping
    Treeform - website
    Faxmaster - models, tex and concept
    Orbluvion (not to be confused with oblivion) - concept
    Daemoria - concept
    Norsehound - concept
    Darkwolf - concept
    Meganerid - concept
    Knighwatch - character concept
    Pete Milligan - character concept
    Daan Hendriks - audio FX
    Phifty - fiction and errata
    NegativXeiro - music
    Sargoth - testing, PR
    EnigmaZ - testing
    kohfel - testing




    Wow, looks like a lot of work has been put into this. Looks nice, keep it up!


      game is great have tried it yesterday but definetly still needs some improvement


        This looks very nice and my philosophy is the bigger the download the better, and you my friend have a pretty big download


          After checking out ya killer Homeworld 2 mod I have definately been wanting to try the AFF UT3 stuff you guys have been working on!!!


            I've been waiting for this... I'll dl at first opportunity.


              wow it really look professional nice job the only one here who wants that health metter in the UT3 Hud?


                I cant install! Extract to Mydocuments/Mygames/Unreal Tournament 3 folder but after...
                The granted access path does not exist.
                Whats wrong?


                  I assume your install of UT3 is not to the default directory? The shortcut included points to "c:/program files/unreal tournament 3/binaries/ut3.exe.", if that is not your default install location then simply right click the planetstorm shortcut, click properties and edit the shortcut path to point to wherever your UT3.exe is located.

                  If you're still having problems please post it in our help forums:


                  BTW, thanks, guys. We've worked hard for this. Rest assured we're only just beginning.


                    extract the planetstorm.normle thingy into ur desktop and play it from there..


                      ok mine doesnt work wanted to use the planetstorm normal shortcut on my desktop and it is actually ut3 instead of planetstorm


                        Is your UT3 patched to 1.3?

                        As already mentioned, simply moving the shortcuts won't work. If you're installation is not into the default directory, you need to manually edit the shortcut to point to the correct location of the UT3.exe

                        Follow all the instructions on the readme. Extract mod files to the \my documents\my games\unreal tournament 3\
                        folder beside (not inside) the UTGame folder, NOT c:\program files\unreal tournament 3\

                        When you right click the Planetstorm Normal shortcut and edit the path properties, it should show something like this:

                        "C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries\UT3.exe" -mod=..\AFFGame\Config

                        Edit the text I highlighted in orange ONLY, leave the rest untouched, and point it to where you're UT3.exe is.

                        For example, if you installed your UT3 to "D:\Games\UT3\", your shortcut path should read "D:\Games\UT3\Binaries\UT3.exe" -mod=..\AFFGame\Config"

                        Also you need to patch your UT3 to version 1.3 first or the mod path won't work.

                        Again, if any additional problems are encountered please report to our help forums. Thanks


                          Uhm, this thing is HUGE! A LOT of work went into this! If you like unreal mods you owe it to yourself to download this!


                            Originally posted by CaptainSnarf View Post
                            Uhm, this thing is HUGE! A LOT of work went into this! If you like unreal mods you owe it to yourself to download this!
                            HUGE is an understatment, I traveled on one map I don't think I found the end. I kept finding outposts and small cities. I haven't tried any of the space maps yet. Nice first effort, can't wait for more.


                              o u cannot move the shortcut?