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DM-Plaza - Massive scale, Action Packed [PICS][PC][UPDATED][AWESOME][MSUC-P2]

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    Thanks...glad you enjoyed it, and I really appreciate the feedback

    On the pool my idea was that as you go in the water for the goodies in there, you're forced onto a different battle plane for a little while, even though it's the same area. This would have worked a lot better if I had time to do something I wanted which was to make the middle waterspout be accessible from the water as another way out. And the tunnel to get out should be different...the bots don't understand it and it's too far out of the way. It was the last thing I edited so didn't get proper testing due to time limits. I agree it could be a lot more accessible. There's a few spots that could use a little something like this.

    That lighting bug sounds neat though...I think it's the new version...I'm not getting lighting on any of the weapons on the map now, but that might have been something else.

    To anyone that's interested, my second map is on the way, my rough estimate is August. Any input anyone wants to give will go a long ways in deciding how it turns out. I'm hyped though...I promise I'll include a good PS3 cook too, since last time one had to be rigged up to work, but thanks to everyone who's playing.


      Update - Lighting on players and weapons is totally buggered since the Titan patch...bummer