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DM-Plaza - Massive scale, Action Packed [PICS][PC][UPDATED][AWESOME][MSUC-P2]

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    DM-Plaza - Massive scale, Action Packed [PICS][PC][UPDATED][AWESOME][MSUC-P2]


    1.1 (If the preview screenshot isn't high res, you have the wrong version)

    UT3 Version 1.3
    PS3 version - ?

    Update - Lighting on players and weapons is totally buggered since the Titan patch...bummer

    "A stunning deathmatch arena with unique features, brilliant flow and design, high caliber graphics, and plenty of health, and power-ups. Made for large scale Team Deathmatch battles, ideal for 32 player competition."

    Deployable items, no global post-processing effects, no claustrophobic-hallway architecture, smooth flow in layout, and other features to make for better gameplay

    See the included readme for thoughts...enjoy


    All Me
    Thanks to many others who made it possible for me to get this done though, and to all those who take the time to play it
    Thanks to Epic for UT3 and its editor

    Download here - PC


    look really nice D/L


      Obliged...lemme know what you think


        Man I was the 2nd one who downloaded your map and as soon as I got it I've been playing on it.

        You aren't kidding when you said MASSIVE Escale... I only get 14 frags in a 10 min game with 24 bots and I win the game!!!

        This is one of the bigest maps I've ever seen!!!

        There are too much health capsules around but it's ok.

        I never found the Redeemer... (your map is big!!!) but I was able to find almost all the other weapons.

        The ammunitions are almost all in one place... sure you put some here, more there, but if you need something just go to "the mall" and find whatever you need.

        I like your map, great job!!!


          Thanks a lot, glad you dig it...I put a lot of work into it

          It's pretty big but once you learn the sections it's easy to understand where you might want to go and how you want to approach a battle. There's ammo everywhere, typically one set of it per section, and I think there's at least 2 or 3 of every weapon (including 2 redeemers) scattered through each major area, you'll always stumble across something pretty quick, and once you learn the layout you can decide what loadout you wanna make your way towards. My favorite is dual pistols + the berserk in the tree, or flak cannon from the top of the office and charging into battle with invulnerability and spidermines.

          As for health, even with it everywhere the game is still so fatalistic...with max health and armor your still only able to survive so much, so I wanted people to be able to keep up the pace of the battle if they keep moving and picking things up....I think it has a pretty good amount, but sometimes healthy bots put up a hell of a fight.

          With lower players the battles can be a bit thin though...deathmatch with 32 players is crazy and hectic...Team Deathmatch at 32 is better for a little more serious play. You'll always stumble across battle pretty quickly, and have people to back you up, rather than have all the focus on you...

          Thanks again, good to hear's gotten like 40 downloads so far but you're the first to respond, awesome


            it's been downloaded a bunch but I haven't really heard from anyone is greatly appreciated if anyone spends some time with it


              Originally posted by Distant Land View Post
              it's been downloaded a bunch but I haven't really heard from anyone is greatly appreciated if anyone spends some time with it
              What!? No feedback from the others!?

              C'mon guys, this guy works pretty **** hard trying to bring us a top notch quality map and I'm sure he made it!!!

              Lets leave him any feedback, it will only takes a few minutes.

              I'm still playing on it, as I said before is pretty big so I need to know pretty well the entire map... no matter what it takes.


                Don't forget that CBP2 and MSUC-stage2 finished recently so you'll probably find that a lot of people are playing a lotta good quality maps atm. I'm sure you'll get the feedback you need, but you'll need to give peeps time to digest all these recent maps.
                Once I've tried it I'll post some comments for ya.


                  Yea, no doubt...there's some good entries this phase...still waiting for mine to be posted


                    Interesting map. Tried on TDM with 29 bots.
                    At first I thought "It's not that big" then I spawned in the Asian theme area, for the first time, and thought "where tha hell am I" LOL. After running around thereafter...I realized just how big it was. :P

                    Interesting concept and use of themes and colours with lots of action, especially around the centre of the map. Was good to still see action in the areas away from the centre and the fact that if you spawn in the outer areas you eventually will gravitate towards the center into the heart of the action.

                    My suggestions for future updates; (I'm no expert though so take it with a grain of salt )

                    Maybe desaturate some of the coloured lighting. To me bold colour lighting schemes work well in small, tighter levels but don't look as good in larger levels. I noticed you have light sources(meshes) as a source for the lighting but the boldness of the colour didn't seem to suit the mesh/source. The lanterns is a good example of this. The bold colour in my eyes didn't suit the lanterns. If you wanted to keep the bold colours use meshes where there's a larger 'mesh light source'.(eg like a fluro tube rather than a lantern)

                    Make additional paths out of the water section near the water spout. Unless I missed'em (which I probably did due to bots hunting me down) there only seemed to be one way out of the water which could take a while to get to hence making me avoid the water. You could otherwise lower the paths (or raise the water) above the water to allow players to get out pretty much anywhere. This would make it more attractive for players to take a dip rather than avoiding it. The spout was a good idea. I found myself using it a few times to get to the upper level.

                    Hopefully my comments may help you out!

                    Apart from that it's a fun map with lots of action that I'm sure peeps will enjoy. Also being a large map it ran suprisingly well with 29 bots!!
                    Looking forward to see what you come up with next.


                      oops, double-post


                        Thanks...Glad you liked it

              's pretty huge. But deceptively so...because the action flows the way it does and the architecture is sort of broad, it's complex enough to be broken up into two main understandable areas I think the LRC room and the plaza itself are both main areas, depending on where you decide to spend your time. In the Robot complex, the battles are tighter, but a little more multi-layered, while the plaza is more open with conflict usually between two areas of the outside, firing across the center.

                        I actually wanted that water area to be sort of a hazard...there's health and other goodies in there, and it's another form of cover in the center, which is the widest open're supposed to jump in there to get away or to heal up, then have to move out of the center a ways...if people could jump up right away (the fountain could have been low enough for instance) the center action would be too chaotic, where now you can sort of lock it down, force people into the water, and have some fun water battles it makes a bit of downside for going into the water to grab what you might.

                        In the areas where you really have a lot of colors (the pool for instance) I focused more on how they blend, so one thing wasn't too strong, while the LRC area is supposed to be sort of minty, but have that dark underbelly, and look brighter because it's an inside area, while the outside looks darker and more night-timey. But I'm sure color is gonna be the most 'controversial' thing...some people think games should be colorful, others don't have rods and cones...while this has pretty bold colors, I think they're pretty every given section you're only fighting among a couple main colors at once, and they're very appealing, even if bright. I'd think bolder colors would work less in a small'd be too disjointed for too small of an area, while this one has a theme for each section.

                        In general I was matching up most of the colors to the meshes...I can't think which one you might be referring to...maybe the lights outside the restaurant? But shoot those and you'll see why it's sort of a focused light...they're one of my favorite distractions.

                        Thanks a lot for all the feedback though, I'm glad people are playing it.


                          Another dl link please.


                            the one up there is the current it not working for you?


                              Originally posted by Freaky1 View Post
                              Another dl link please.
                              Yep, I won't use fileplanet either but I really want this map!