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    There wouldn't happen to be a PS3 version would there? This vehicle is **** good looking, but I don't have a good enough graphics card to run UT3. Or perhaps a way to convert files to PS3 format? (I don't know, I'm brand new to modding).


      We tried, but there were some issues and since I don't have a PS3 I cannot properly debug those issues.


        Im not really sure about this 1, I tried it and was like WTF?!? It looks really well made and quite unique but I think the tractor beam would be a better concept for a gun. I found the only real way to do any damage was to just keep pulling the target till it smashes off me, but I also take damage. If I had to rate it I would give it a 6/10. The other projects look quite promising, especially that Epsilon thing (please keep its awesome teeth, I would download it just for those =D).


          You don't have to drag them up to you, you can just slam the enemy around letting impact damage finish them off. Or you can throw them way off their intended path or just lob them into map hazards like lava/space/etc
          Hell, I found it more fun to lob bots into the outer reaches of the map and let them gib of falling damage or killzones. I even would intentionally slam them into the ground


            This thing is great for vCTF maps, or orb running. I did this with my brother playing a botmatch on vCTF Containment (the one with the darkwalker in the middle).

            I took the harpy, which I had replace the raptor, picked up my bro, brought him to the enemy base, dropped him on the flag, picked him back up once he had it, and brought him back to our base

            Would work even better on more open maps (containment has a rather restricted path through the air).

            I have found that a lot of times though, I can pick someone up (an enemy) without moving, or moving just slightly, but it's enough to throw the beam off so that they just fly passed me instead of flying into the hammers (which is really just an excuse to toss them). Not really an issue, but kinda annoying at times.