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    WAR-Wastelands [PC][Pics][Download]

    1. Title: WAR-Wastelands
    2. Version: 2.0/FULL
    3. Compatibility: UT3 PC / Patch Level 1.3 or later
    4. Description: Tired of getting pinned down by sniper fire while trying to fix your broken down vehicle in the parched desert heat? Stop by Last Chance Gas for all your ammo, refreshment, and vehicle repair needs!
    5. Comments: Map 2 1/2. A retrofit of my 2nd map vCTF-Wastelands for the Warfare Gametype.
    There are NO plans for a PS3 version at this time
    6. Features:* Bot Support
    * 3 Detail Modes for Low, Medium, & High end systems
    * 72 Custom Meshes & 42 Customized Materials
    * Running Trains based on Node events
    * 2 link setups - Default & OnePrime (for longer games)

    7. Screenshots:

    8. Additional Credits:
    * Hourences - for the all the Tutorials -
    * DGUnreal - for making the skydome Texture & Mesh available -
    * Epic Games & the Forum Community -

    9. Homepage:

    10. Download:


    11. CHANGE LOG from BETA 1
    * Corrected Collision issue near flag base
    * Deleted 16 player starts
    * Removed 1 weapon locker from gas station
    * Added 6 additional vehicles per side
    - (Hellbenders - main base, Scorpions - Gas Station, Mantas - power plants & Water towers, Leviathan @ Goliath under Center Bridge)
    * Gave prime nodes cover (gas stations, power plants)
    * Gave north & south nodes additional terrain cover
    * Deleted Kismet sequence for train damage
    * Attached dynamic physic volumes to trains to inflict damage instead of being Kismet touch based.
    * Added Shock Rifle weapon pickup + ammo to each main base
    * Removed 4 Bio Rifle ammo pickups
    * Moved several static meshes.
    * Added Forced Direction Volumes to ramps from main base to power plant (hoverboards excluded)
    * Altered lighting channels for select static meshes
    * Altered blocking volumes above rocks @ base entrance
    * Adjusted Spec brightness on terrain track decal materials
    * Misc decorative meshes added
    * Added Avril pickups to Gas stations & Center Bridge Node Spawns
    * Changed material on meteor
    * Added Shaped charge node locker to mine nodes
    * Added Sounding Horn for emerging trains
    * Added bell sounds & flashing lights to train crossings
    * Added new passing train sound
    * Added Node Teleporters
    * Adjusted Foilage volumes
    * Complete Lighting Overhaul


    12. Donations Granted I cannot legally charge for this map, but I'm not above accepting donations.
    If you like the map, or just want to motivate me somehow, tossing me a buck or two would be very much appreciated.

    If your a server admin & add WAR-Wastelands on your server, pm me and let me know so that I can add your server to the server list (so that people can find it easier to try it online).

    GodsOfWarfare | MADNESS!!! - IP Address:
    MOB Server NJ - IP Address:
    MOB Server Chicago - IP Address:

    Exellent map SmokeRingHalo!!!!!

    You make really great maps for 32 players IMO (thinking at moltencore too).
    The only thing i could "whine" is that there is no manta at base, and it could be useful to go quickly to the farest prime, which will be a key to big battles online: defend your farest prime.
    Moreover, the fact to have several nodes paths is a very good point to cut enemies attacks.



      nice colors btw!