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WAR-Serenity_T5K_SE (Tactical Version)

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    WAR-Serenity_T5K_SE (Tactical Version)

    Map Name: Serenity-RevisedEdition

    Description: War-Serenity re-envisioned as a more strategical map.

    *List of Changes*

    - Changed the Node Layout and added additional nodes to make the gameplay much less linear.

    - Added deployables to various area to allow for more tactical applications.

    - Removed the Leviathan and the Countdown Node, it has been replaced by a Darkwalker Mine Node that has a Darkwalker, a Nightshade, and 2 Scavengers.

    - The Prime Nodes are now nearer to the Core, where the Goliath would spawn in normal Serenity. Now a Scorpion and a Paladin Spawn here.

    - Moved the Goliath and one of the 2 Scorpions closer to the core, added an additional Hellbender at the Cores as well.

    - Added Ground Foliage to act as concealment for scorpions and ground troops.

    - Turned down the fog to allow for a much nicer view when playing.... dense fog is too old school imo...

    - Turned OFF the desaturation to add more color to the map.

    - Added a few firefly emitters here and there to add some life to the map.

    - 2 Additional Hellfire Nodes and One Viper Node were also added to break up the gameplay....

    - Added some health vials here and there for those of us that aren't indestructible.

    - Added Avril ammo along the center of some of the "road" areas.

    - Added a few additional Jump Boots to help keep ground troops out of harms way.

    - Very few other, minor, aesthetic changes....



    Download Here:

    PS3 Download Here: (Thanks to GOW_Nootsac)

    Lookin good


      I feel my like T5K peeps are a Map factory

      Good Job Shades.

      Get your butts over to UGL and lets play


        Hey SM

        Wow, talk about a huge list of changes ! The pics are veeeeeery good looking

        All the applied changes seem very interesting. I must try it out


        After playing more than 1 hour, all the changes you made are great

        About the new nodes, the only drawback is there is so much trees around the big vehicles that don't make them useful. They are to difficult to maneuver with all these trees and they get destroyed by anything nearby, specially the manta & scorpion at the nearby nodes. For several reasons, turrets on rails is the way to go IMO.

        I also miss flying vehicles. I'm a raptor lover and there is only 1 at the base. I don't remember if the original map as only 1 raptor ? But anyway, it's not enough for me (not surprising, the only stock WAR I play is Torlan).

        Your plants are very good looking and personally, I would use your terrain because Epic terrain is looking low poly, stretchy at some place. It is less noticeable with the stock one since they use color saturation, more bloom, etc.

        I play at skill level in all game type but in WAR, I must be a **** bad player because I never have the chance to shoot at the enemy core even once even with 2 bots protecting me That is never the case in ONS

        In all, WAR players will love you


          I prefer the original setup. I think there will be now to many vehicles and i like the low amount of vehicles. (makes if for me more tactical??)

          And there isn't a raptor in normal serenity.


            My biggest peeve with the original was spawning way the gosh darned over there when my core was being attacked, and it takes forever to get back to it from there. I don't suppose you got rid of that? Either way, looks interesting, I'll have to check it out.


              Originally posted by The Demon Slick View Post
              My biggest peeve with the original was spawning way the gosh darned over there when my core was being attacked, and it takes forever to get back to it from there. I don't suppose you got rid of that? Either way, looks interesting, I'll have to check it out.
              Yeah, that is where the Prime Node is at now, so no more spawning half way to the Prime when the core is under attack.


                I like this version of Serinity, it feels more ONSish
                And the raptor is a very nice add, so much WAR map dont give us flying vehicles... to me raptors and furys are the big missing to the majority of WAR maps.


                  Just wanted to say thanks to GOW_Nootsac for cooking up the PS3 version...

                  I have been slacking in the PS3-area of things, because since I started having issues a while back with PsychoTropix, nothing has been cooking for PS3 on my rig at all. I am going to send my other maps over to Nootsac to see if they cook alright for him, cuz they just crash whenever I try now.


                    can someone please confirm if the ps3 version is workn. it keeps doing the loadn forever thing on my ps3


                      try to uninstall and redownload the map. The ps3 cook works fine for me. Can anyone else verify that it works?


                        i'm having the same problem that ut3fan is having. i've tried to host a server with it twice and both times i would get the non ending loading screen. it did load in instant action though.


                          It installs fine but when i tried to play instant action and online it stays at the map loading screen


                            really? Ill look into that and get back to everyone. I installed it on both my ps3's and it worked just fine for me but ill try again to make sure. thanks for the heads up guys


                              Lookin very good. But why the Levaithan??? Such a fun vehicle!