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The Ball Oztoc - Released - SP Puzzle Mod - Winner MSU Phase 1

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  • The Ball Oztoc - Released - SP Puzzle Mod - Winner MSU Phase 1

    Name: The Ball Oztoc
    Version: 2
    Compatibility: Patch 1.3
    Description: FPS Puzzle mod

    We have released The Ball Part 2: Oztoc!

    The Ball is the winner of the MakeSomethingUnreal contest Phase 1, having won both Best Gametype and Best Use of Physics.

    The Ball is a first person singleplayer puzzle mod with an Aztec theme to it. The mod takes place in a mysterious Aztec temple, at the top of a volcano. The player has to use the Impact Gun to move a large steel ball around and utilize that ball to solve puzzles and get around obstacles. Impact Gun aside, the mod uses all new custom art to establish a unique, stylish, and atmospheric experience.

    Oztoc is many times larger than Pehua, the first release, and features many improvements and additions:

    # Meet the ruler and guardian of the temple. This king will observe the player as he progresses through the level.
    # Enjoy a brand new ball with improved behavior and a simple but efficient hud.
    # Puzzle your way through two new levels, together about four to five times the size of the Pehua level.
    # Experience a whole number of new gameplay mechanics such as water, arrows, exploding balls, movable walls, and so on.
    # An improved Pehua level, including one new puzzle and a little intro scene that introduces the simple background story.
    # Dozens of bug fixes and small improvements.

    Video (higher quality)



    Download - (102 MB)

    More mirrors soon.

    PS3 later, hopefully within a week.

    Our Core Development Team:
    Hourences - Environment Art, Game and Level Design, Art Direction
    Rendermonkey - Level scripting
    MrE - Character modeling (the king)
    Tores - Character modeling (the ball and monkey)
    SolidSnake - Programming
    Setheran - Level design, Environment Art, Level Scripting

    Additional Help by:
    David Green - programming
    Utz - Animation
    Zynthetic - Voice Acting
    Manti - King skin touch up

    Visit us at our forum : or on ModDB :

  • #2

    Genesis is release candidate, the haunted has been released and now last and most definatly not least this!!! Cant F ing wait for this to finish downloading (Why Rapidshare???)


    • #3
      Great Work! THX!


      • #4
        It's look much better than the previous one, thx for warning us at #unrealed


        • #5
          I havent tried the first one. Does the release include Pehua, or do we need to download that seperately?


          • #6
            GG for the dev team for this nice mod.
            It's very funny
            Thx and good luck for phase 2


            • #7
              Originally posted by Kyben View Post
              I havent tried the first one. Does the release include Pehua, or do we need to download that seperately?
              A revamped version of part 1 (pehua) is included with part 2 (oztoc)


              • #8
                Yes it includes Pehua too, in fact it includes an improved Pehua so this version is all you need.

                Those that already had Pehua, be sure to overwrite all files with the newer Oztoc files.


                • #9
                  Congratulations to you all for winning MSUC P1

                  Thank you very much for providing the community this very fresh and unique mod

                  I wish you best of luck for MSUC P2 since I know it's going to be a very tough competition


                  • #10
                    Pictures reminds me of some good old elapsed time with UT. The atmosphere within these screenshots is amazing! Your mod raise the bar and give us a new reference. I definitely will download 'The Ball Oztoc' as soon as I have some more time. I will enjoy this for sure.
                    Really hope you guys will stay with UT. The community will benefit for that.


                    • #11
                      This is absolutely another winner.
                      The puzzles are even more fun. Great job.



                      • #12
                        I just completed these two parts and i gotta say...THAT WAS JUST AWESOME!! This mod in fun as hell, the puzzles are very well done, i had to stop to think how to solve them, Very good...
                        The only complain i have is *SPOILER* the fire ball part, it was pretty hard to make it with the 2 balls, but i was able to make it to the end. Also, this part scared the hell outta me hahaha i ran inside the room backwards, then all the sudden, when i turned myself, the fire ball was burning right in my face, i was like WTF!! RUN!! lol


                        • #13
                          Tried it out, i loved the atmosphere in the map, and some of the puzzles i found extremely impressive, hats off to the LD (Hourences) and the monkeys were a great touch, makes the mod seem a lot more real.


                          • #14
                            Just finished the 2 parts (Pehua + Oztoc)

                            The puzzles are very simple & fun. It is very well made, the atmosphere, sounds effects, the monkeys & others things are simply great.

                            A big THX


                            • #15
                              i dont know if i did something wrong, but when i treid to play the ball, the game crashed to desktop.

                              followed the directions in the readme on where to place everything, but.....

                              any ideas?