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WAR-PsychoTropix FINAL

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    WAR-PsychoTropix FINAL

    Download Here: [156.15MB]

    or MSU FilePlanet Mirror here:

    Screenshots: (taken from an earlier version, but I believe they are some of the best screens I have gotten to date, lighting is only slightly changed and there is quite a bit more foliage)


    Description: On a far off world, upon a long lost tropical island, Liandri has found a series of small temples built ages ago. With a few tweaks and the addition of a couple power cores, the area was easily outfitted for the Warfare Tournament. Being much less restrictive than previous Warfare environments, only the most skilled and adventurous will leave this battlefield victorious. Here, where even the greatest warriors can meet an untimely end, test your mettle and your prowess.

    - Use the "Enemy Access Node" (a Countdown Node) to raise the enemy's core and/or to gain a temporary forward position, but beware, there's no cover on the bridges. Once the Countdown is complete, the enemy base will be attacked by a Nuclear Strike! This will deal 80% core damage regardless of core vulnerability and shut down all Vehicle Factories at the base for on full minute... complimented by a large blast and a huge mushroom cloud.

    - Keep an eye out for Jump Pads, they will allow you a better chance at survival on the high ground when on foot, will sometimes grant you with hidden items/fighting positions, and provide alternate methods of approach.

    - Try to hold the East Darkwalker Node, it will provide you with a permanent forward spawn point and Orb Spawner... Oh yeah... and a Darkwalker.

    Version: FINAL v1.0

    Player Support: 16 to 40

    Complete Bot Support: Yes (bots have some rather stupid behavior at times, but they do get the job done)

    Gametypes Supported: Warfare only

    Credits: ShadeMistress (author), Epic (for Unreal Tournament 3, some Static Meshes, Sound FX, Music, and Materials), and all the cool people on the Epic Games UT3 Forums, T5K, and at

    Play Testers/Honorable Mentions: Stevelois (for lots of critical feedback and many good suggestions), BioHazard (on forums), thalos, VoodooMaster (for trying to help with prior bot issues as well), Xcader (also, for helping with the bot issues), Squiggles, BulgeMaster (for at least having a look at the pathing also), and anyone else I may not have mentioned that has tested this or previous versions and given me feedback; I will try to be sure and add you all just let me know.

    To PS3 users: Please do not request a PS3 cook for this map, as every version that has been attempted to be cooked has crashed the game. I believe this map is just too large and too graphics-intensive for the PS3 to handle. Sry

    Yeah the final!!!



      Hey SM

      The WAR players will be more than happy with this final

      THX for the credits and I update my thread as I told you in PM

      And now, start counting the compliments


        great map looks great too thx


          SM Congrats on finally going final with your awesome map!


            Looks great SM, very nicely done....and ain't releasing FINAL a great feeling?! heheh


              Great work SM this is one of your best maps so far great atmosphere and scope, I hope you continue to develop maps and contribute to the community keep it up!!


                I will have this on T5K Test Server thanks to Nomadicus.


                Thank you Shades.


                  nice downloading now


                    Added a FilePlanet mirror to the first post since I just submitted the current version to the MSU.


                      you're crazy
                      i think we need to assemble a team to collaborate on a psychedelic map pack.

                      i just released a beta for mine


                        SM, You absolutely should have an MSU entry, I am suprised you didn't enter something sooner. StatusFear would also be an excellent candidate, very innovative. Love your work!


                          The map is very good !, it has like the best graphics of the custom maps till now.

                          Only thing i don't like is that the stand alone nodes are to far out the places where the fights are for the linked nodes (compare to ava, where can shoot after like 10s already at the place around the center)
                          But this is only one small thing to have in mind for a next map. Since it isn't possible to change it on this map, becuase of the use of islands and many trees :P (and i don't mind to ride around a little bit longer with the tank for this looks)

                          And thanks for cooking my map!


                            Wish the file was smaller redirect takes forever.Added to server for invasion and it's a blast.GJ


                              You made an awesome job since beta 1, so congratulations for your final release, this custom map is one of my favorite map!!