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    RE (Revised Edition)

    PC only (for now)

    This is a revised edition of the first level I made in Unreal for the's "Old School Unreal Contest." I had comments that my map was not the best looking, visually, so I decided to add more detail and fix up the lighting.

    After playing, tell me what you think. I welcome thorough criticism (make sure to be specific, please).


    Is nature peaceful? It may seem that way in comparison to larger organisms, but on the microscopic level it is in a constant tug-of-war. The ecosystem of Ebb isn't thwarted by the hostility of outsiders -- it feeds off of it -- transforming the most horrific acts of violence into its weaving vines, trickling waterfalls, and lush vegetation. Beauty isn't skin deep anymore.


    Nate Voss (QA), Hourences (, Epic Games (For an astounding Engine and ambition to create quality games)


    Download (personal site) (File Front)

    please let this have good fps, please let this have good fps


      Man this looks awesome. Will check out for our new BTFA server.


        i can't get to my computer for a couple of days to play this. The screenshots look a bit on the bright side and everything looks blue. Maybe that's because everything is frozen. It looks very nice however and I will offer some feed back when I can play.


          The framerate should be around 50-70 (with Vsync turned off). Everything is blue because of the post processing...I thought it was a bit much myself, at first, but it grew on me .


            Has anyone got a chance to play this yet? It's been a week and I would like to receive comments, please. Thanks.


              Love the layout, and playability....But as MasterB has already said, a bit TO bright, and if poss you can tone down the blue color, I have PP on default..Blue, Blue, Blue,
              But real great map...Thank you



                The visuals overall look good, but I agree it looks a bit too bright, especially on some of the terrain. I also noticed there are enough static meshes that are floating or not being properly aligned to the ground. This makes it easier for the player to believe he is playing a map rather than fighting in this world you have created.

                For some reason the ski lift? wouldn't go back to the main building. I am not sure if there is a trigger that activates it though. Also, some of the health vials couldn't be "picked up". These were located right above the smaller rocks on the ground.

                The biggest improvement that could be made (imho) is the layout. To me it's not a death match layout as it's too big and open. You could add more bots/players to make sure there is some one to fight with. But you will still be fighting in big open areas, which includes the garage area.

                I can tell you spent time on this and you actually care about the map, which is a good thing. For any future maps, it would be nice to have a layout that emphasized the game mode more.


                  Thanks for the advice, Odedge! I'm still honing in on getting a deathmatch layout just right, as I am usually more focused on the visuals. The lift isn't supposed to go back to the building, as there are two side routes out of that area and because I didn't know enough scripting at the time to focus on two control panels . I will definitely make my maps more closed-in for future levels, as I have found it makes gameplay more unpredictable. Again, thanks .


                    nice picts... D/L


                      The map is pretty fun. Like others said it is too bright but there's a lot of problems with the visuals.

                      First, there is a spawn point here

                      But don't move the spawn, move the trees, those 2d trees should not be in player accessable areas. It looks Like you added them as a deco layer on the terrain, don't do this. it looks terrible

                      The biggest problem with the visual style is that it's not logical, for example, the lift,

                      Nothing but rails randomly embeded in the cliff, add a back in between the rails and a platform at the top and a platform below the lift at the bottom would be good too. you'll never see a real elevator as just a single platform suspended between two rails with nothing else.

                      Visualy the underground is probably the best area, although it could use some more details like radom small rocks scattered around and stuff like that.
                      Also, this wall could use some more meshes to cover up the seams between terrain and larger meshes.

                      Speaking of terrain, the canyon walls need work, I'd recomend useing meshes for the walls rather than terrain.

                      Overall the visuals need to be more cohesive, You're useing a veriety of styles and they don't fit with each other very well.

                      It's good and it is an improvment over the original but it still needs alot of work.


                        Thanks, Dan. If I were to do this map over today I would probably have changed a lot of the production processes. You're completely right about the lift, I pretty much threw that in there and wanted to forget about it; but it's important too. The trees were supposed to be thick so that the player could hide, but they are hard to see where to go and the randomness of the deco layer means that they are not layered smoothly when viewed from a distance (so in result they shouldn't have been placed where the player could walk). Thanks for the comments, I will make sure to think more logically about the more subtle details in future levels.