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HOLP2 Released!

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    Oh......My bad Mclogenog. I didn't realize that someone else linked it later on in the forum. I normally just go to either UT3mods or unrealstation for the maps. But thank you for letting me know about that and all of you guys for still supporting the PS3 UT3 user content. It's what keeps me playing UT3 and Holp 2 looks like a fantastic set of maps!! Later......


      Originally posted by Barballs View Post

      These maps look cool but the PS3 MOD isn't on filefront anymore , can someone upload it again????


        HOLP 1 was mutch better


          Easily my prefered maps of UT3!
          I love the "detailled" blockiness quality they have...
          TOP NOTCH!
          Please do more


            So - back to the original question - does anyone have the USERDATA.JAM file(s) for these maps and could put them up for me???


              pmc, I'm posting from my phone right now, check back after 630 pm eastern US time, when I get home I'll put up a link. Also, if anyone has any extra loot, the Holp dudes server bill is accepting donations, they got creamed on the dl's for bandwith overage fines, 1 or 5 bucks even will help, go to if you can help. Cheers!

              *** Edit ***
              Here is the link



                Thanks DemonSlick - you rock! I'll install these over the weekend.


                  Originally posted by pmc72 View Post
                  Thanks DemonSlick - you rock! I'll install these over the weekend.
                  If you have any other problem with the pack please contact any of the members of the team, and we'll assist you.

                  Thanks four your support


                    The Filefront links for the PS3 version don't work. Could someone please post a link so that I could download the PS3 version of HOLP2?


                      Wow what a great mappack. Echelon has the most awesome mood I've had the honor to play 2vs2 on, reminds alot of Mirror's Edge. And Bonescraper, man that one gives some great 1on1 thrills. The overall layout of the maps is superb. If the competitve UT3 community gets more active, I seriously hope the start using some of these maps! Thanks!


                        FileFront link is gone


                          quick HOLP2 review

                          First, here's a working link:

                          Next, just some brief comments on each map, but first I'd like to say excellent job and these HOLPs just get better with each iteration. I think they should all really have the 'HOLP' designation in the name though to find them easier in the UT3 menu.

                          - CTF-Cardinal >> seems like a standard inside castle CTF, a little dark, good layout and flow, the bots on my team need serious help.

                          - CTF-Razor >> crazy futuristic space base with good theme, wide-open and good layout, I like the textures and waterfall as well as the lighting, definitely a HOLP with some signs of plant life, bots are a little better but still not that good.

                          - CTF-Vogel >> Oh Lava!, sky could be better but still not bad, great flow and layout as well as item placement, tight corridors, z-axis, bots are toast.

                          - CTF-Yoghourt >> lots of z-axis for sure in this one so watch your back/front/top/etc. Crazy and futuristic with lava and other tripups and flows well with an interesting top route. I think the colorful lights and textures make this map stand out in a good way.

                          - DM-Agony2 >> similar to original, excellent gameplay and flow, good shadows and sky, great floor, nice trim and ramps, losing the redeemer was fine but it should have kept the enforcer, the items seem off a bit but can't tell for sure why (because they're not off so nevermind), have played Agony3-SE yet.

                          - DM-Bonescraper >> reminds me a little of DM-Empowered2 from UT (that is if I'm thinking of the correct UT map) with its great layout, mazes/ramps all over the place, fun map and bots are OK.

                          - DM-Chizra >> kinda like Unreal (not bad and excellent remake, sort of), slightly darker and bots are OK.

                          - DM-Echelon >> plain grays with single color stripes and some lighting, decent shadows, sky not too bad with stars, excellent flow and gameplay, bots suck but TDM is slightly better.

                          - DM-Precision >> may need extra "caution" in this one. It's a good map, but the bots suck but not as bad as Echelon. This one is smaller, tighter and has less z-axis than Echelon and could have used a little more health.

                          That's all folks!