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    Fixed the additional loading issue on ps3 version... links to my site will be updated and ready 10 from this post... sorry for inconvience..


      Another nice one! Downloading now....


        ok i fix this ver off this map and got the map too and it work on ps3


          I really like the map, i've played a little more and i've found a few things i wish you would change/fix.

          Weapon 1st person models !

          I suggest you should simply remove all these pickup bases and kismet thing and simply use the standard weapon pickup base with standard weapons like on any other map. It should work instantly and avoid any frustration or incompatibilities. (weapon replacement mutator ?)
          I don't know what these 4 seconds you're talking about are. I never noticed any problem when picking a weapon just behind a bot. You map was the 1st time i ever noticed this on a standard pickup base.
          Maybe you were talking about the pickup shelves that are used on vctf/war maps ?

          Then i often get stuck on the corner of this stair

          I have absolutely no clue why, it's just like the 3rd step of this stair was too high or something, but just in the corner, not on the rest of the stair, it's very weird, can you have a look ?

          I think i've found why some bots get stuck.... i got stuck myself in this hole.

          I suggest you simply cover the hole with an invisible floor to solve the issue.
          I also noticed that you have to jump in order to walk over the outer ring of the mesh, the game doesn't consider the outer ring as a step. Can you also check it out ?

          Finally, this pickup base is a little far off to the side in my opinion.

          The respawn point is so close that you often don't see it and just run through the door without even seeing that there's a weapon.
          Just put the weapon pickup base in the middle of the way to make sure players will pick it up every single time.

          That's all the little glitches I've found so far


            @ blacksharkfk: wow thanks for the critique.. thats teh kinda stuff i need.. great job with the screenshots... def helps figuring this out.. sorry those thigns where still in there.. ill get on em!!


              cool, i will try it again


                yeah they should be working now no problem. let me know! glad you folks are enjoying the maps!


                  with this installed , the game will not even load up


                    why are some having problems, and others arent? anyone?


                      everyone i talked to has had problems, they just dont leave comments


                        i have the fix ver of this map for ps3 if you want it i need permission form the map maker to give you the link


                          i got the fix ver of this map on ps3 need permmision from the map maker to give you the link. you know wat forget it il give you the link for now i want you guys to play his map its soooooo coooooooooooooool hare is the link PS3


                            cool, i will give it a try later, the file was the same size as the one that messed me up


                              ok thanks man go play his maps it nice i tri to contac him of the fix but no luck


                                I can confirm the author's original and re-packed versions do crash unreal in several ways.

                                1. crashing on unpacking map which locks up unreal and having to reboot

                                2. after reboot, sometimes unreal crashes and locks up, othertimes it boots up and map is installed and playable.

                                3. also crashes and locks up on unpacking further different maps and having to reboot

                                4. unreal crashes / locks up on even deleting those maps.

                                The same also happens on complex 8 that i tested as well.

                                You need to delete the original and repacked versions and install the joel791e versions.

                                Joel791e versions of the maps are fine no crashes, lockups on either installing / unpacking the maps and further different maps, and no lock ups on unreal.

                                Thanks to joel791e and of course the author opiumunknown

                                Apologies for not posting earlier, but as you can see it has been troublesome, and must have spent a couple of hours now. Gotta admit though the maps are great Thanks again.