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CTF-Infiris [Final v1.0]

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    Originally posted by ShadeMistress View Post

    This is exactly why the Beta Forums are swamped with great ideas that never got finished, the community just simply doesn't seem interested...
    Lol have truer words ever been spoken ? :P
    I know theres been plenty of times why i wonder why i bother....
    I dont know how you pump these maps out like this shademistress its amaaaaaazing! Wish I could do it in 10x the amount of time teeeheehee.

    Anyhow i havent played CTF much in UT3 so im a gunna give this a go. Thank you!


      ShadeMistress, what Mods for PS3 do you mean, that were not releassed for PC? I am not aware of any. Everything (as you know) is made on the pc originally, whatever gets posted. I will be really sad if you don't let me have any more of your great maps! Who is responsible? I know a lot of PS3 peeps, if it's somebody I know I can talk to them, you know, in a friendly just asking kind of way.


        I followed your posts, and found..... my friend Syfe! He will do PC, he just wasn't sure he could, you really helped him understand unreal front end! I don't know anybody else doing only ps3....


          I think that only because some people don't release for PC that doesn't mean you should follow the same path. Nice map BTW, I really liked it's atmosphere although the layout could get a little bit confusing a first but I managed to learn the map with a few tries


            I don't want to argue with anybody, and everybody is free to do whatever they like. The fact is though, that for every mod released only for PS3, there are about 250 released only for PC. Things have been getting so much better lately, everyone has been doing well keeping the console vs pc stuff to a minimum. I just hate to see that tired old stuff dragged out. PS3 players have been way more polite, and PC players have been much less condescending, everything has been evolving nicely, IMHO. I know it isn't just PS3 players who have not posted a lot of feedback to your stuff, because you said that before. I feel like a lot of people have moved on, but that doesn't mean they won't be back! One guy's map, he put out a beta, then heard nothing. Three months later, the thread caught fire! Then everyone wanted to comment, all kinds of people said stuff like "How did I miss this", stuff like that. DGUnreal is still getting a ton of hits at some of his map threads, after they sat idle for like 4 months or more. I don't know, I guess I agree with DavoX also, that you shouldn't do that because somebody else did. Winter is coming, and I personally - and I'm sure many others - will be spending a lot more time indoors. Summer is a tough time for gaming, people fish, play golf, go to cookouts, garden, swim, run, bike. I can't promise you things will pick up again, but lets wait and see! Whatever you decide, Love your work!


              Hey SM

              You should have receive my PM by now. I did some matches (5 vs 5 at skill level). As I told you, I'll say I'll give it a run and comment if I found something. I keep my words

              First, I must say that you have a lot of imagination to provide the players multiples alternative for using the layout. You're talented

              It's not extensive but I think that you need to be aware of these. I was stuck in various spots and just can't get unstuck a part commit suicide. Check these locations on both side of the map :

              [screenshot][/screenshot] [screenshot][/screenshot]

              You're not stuck there but you'll be block if you try to go forward. Also check the rocks around there because you will get blocked depending on the angle you try to walk on them :


              Some crate need to be moved a little :


              The nearest flag bridge on the blue side, bots where doing roger rabbit outside/inside the bridge for some time before deciding to stay on the bridge and go forward.


              Other things

              - The lava & the flames are looking good but aren't at the same speed. The lava is moving very slowly and the flame are very intense and speedy. The flame burst would fit more if they where at the top of a volcano. From my POV this type of flame would be appropriate if they where added on some medium rocks islands with some big piles of wood wreck on fire. IMO, it could look better if there was only a lot more sparkles of flame but smaller. It's hard to explain da*n it ! Anyway, it's just a thought.

              - The ambient sounds is the same everywhere for what I noticed. I mean when you're on the center of the island and going closer to the edge of the island you should hear more an more the lava. It would be more natural.

              - The scale is a bit big imo. I found it rather odd to see the keg, belt, vest so close of each other and almost nothing at the opposite of the flag in term of armor ? I would cut the map a bit reducing the island scale by ±30% and place the item a bit different but that's just me.

              - Some vials (like 2-3) could be placed between the flag and first bridge imo.

              I'm not expecting you to release another version. I simply think that it could maybe help you in a way or another for a future project.

              I like the atmosphere, your multiples paths, great FPS & the bots rocks !

              Keep it up



                your maps are awesome! its a **** shame about the ps3 thing since i only play ps3. but we will get over it... someday lol


                  Thanks for the feedback stevelois, always a help I actually will be releasing this is a part of my map pack as final for now, since there's no real game-breaking bugs, but... I will be revising it later as well to create another version with a little more attention to atmospheric detail and possibly some item swaps. So, I will definitely take any feedback into consideration, though I probably won't change the scale. I kind of like the long flag runs, especially with the ever-changing layout (tight canyon>open flat area>really open bridge areas and lower area>back to semi-open terrain with some cover>tight canyon), but that's a matter of personal preference.

                  Actually, I've resolved those issues, UT3fan2008, but I want to re-release the maps with working preview pics, so once I can get that done I will have the links back up.
                  I'm dealing with some RL drama right now, so my time to devote to UT3 has been very limited lately... I'll go ahead and change the OP to say something else, I just been busy moving at the last minute... won't go into any other details, so yeah, things should be back in order soon.

                  EDIT: Oh yeah, about that crate, it isn't there by default. All of the barrels and crates are KActors that can be knocked around. The Flak, Shock, and Stinger (secondary only) do the best job of moving them though (flak is the best and really flings them... screws up the bots sometimes as they won't "see" them blocking the path and will often get stuck on them if they are blocking a heavily-trafficked path). That one looks like it got knocked pretty hard into that mesh (probably flak), but another shot of flak or stinger secondary should have jarred it free.


                    Hooray! Sorry to hear your RL thing happened, sounds like a drag, hope it works out!


                      Hey SM

                      Happy that even if my comments are brief, they can help you out

                      I didn't notice that you use physics but the rocks should have blocking volume so the crate won't pass trough.

                      Sorry to hear you have some RL prob Hope your fine


                        Hi Great map and love the lava. Its been missing from UT3 so far.


                          You sure about the name? Inferis = hell, Infiris = nonexistant word.

                          Just checking.


                            I know "Inferis" means "Hell." I put that in the readme file that I spelled it that way on purpose...


                              I don't play CTF very often, but I'm definitely gonna check out this sweet looking map!

                              Btw, would you perhaps be interested in doing a similarly themed (T)DM map? Lava DMs are in rather short supply atm, even though they're something of a UT tradition, and could look really nice with the new steam/distortion fx etc.

                              And yeah I got some more specific ideas...


                                I'm no longer modding UT3, sry...