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CTF-Infiris [Final v1.0]

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    CTF-Infiris [Final v1.0]

    Name: Infiris

    Version: Final v1.0

    Compatibility: UT3 v1.3 (Should work with previous versions)

    Description: This map had started as a vCTF then started to get coverted to Warfare a long while back, but I lost interest as the scope of the map plus the limitations of the game engine plus the lack of Suitable decor (without being repetitive) slowed me down a lot. So, after making a relatively small Warfare map (WAR-CarnageCanyon), I re-envisioned the entire thing and started building it from scratch. After the basic terrain layout was done, I added some emitters, a few meshes, and some sound and I am pretty happy with the results.

    Comments: This, along with WAR-PsychoTropix, WAR-CarnageCanyon, DM-Eclipse, CTF-PainFactory, and VCTF-DarkOmen will all be released as Final when they are all complete as both a map pack and as individual files. I decided to leave the Betas/RC's in their own threads for individual feedback on each map.



    Credits: Me, Epic, and TheAgent for cooking up the PS3 Beta version.

    Download: PC: [32.78 MB]

    PS3: Will re-Upload when I can get the Preview Pic working.


    - Grab the invulnerability and go for a swim through the lava to remain relatively unnoticed.

    - Utilize the Jump Pads to safely traverse the chasm while carrying the flag.

    - You can find some interesting sniper spots by utilizing the Translocator.

    - You can sneak around the edges of the map using the translocator to go from rock to rock.

    - Toss your translocator disks carefully, if they go into the lava you don't get it back and can no longer use it.

    Looking good Shade, can't wait to try out the Final! 3am in the UK now though, so will wait until tomorrow night to download, try out & comment


      Good Work! Congrats on going Final with this


        High-class work, Shade - if you didn't already have plans to enter MSU Phase 2 with this, I think you should consider it

        You already know my thoughts on the map from the beta thread, so I'll just say here that it looks like you've put even more eye-candy into this & reinstated some of the heat-haze effect - looks great, plays great & as you already know I've requested that this get added to the rotation in a custom PS3 CTF thread elsewhere on the forums, so I'm looking forward to going at other players on this map

        The description & player count show up with no problems, but the preview pic doesn't. Doesn't matter, but if you want to look into it, there's a post on how to get it to work elsewhere on the forums, I'll post the link if you want it

        Basically, it specifies that to make your preview pic work on PS3, you need to add another section to the .ini file. If you had, for example,
        as the line that calls your preview pic, you'd need to add:

        at the end of the .ini file to load the package containing the texture first. Let me know if you want that link

        As ever, thanks for taking the time to cook for PS3


          holy ****! how do you make a map each week?


            thx shade, looks awsome altho my ps3 probably wont play it 4 sum reason


              Originally posted by spacedemonebu View Post
              holy ****! how do you make a map each week?
              he's young and has alot of time?


                Originally posted by Bret Hart View Post
                he's young and has alot of time?
                Off-topic? And Bret, I invite you to consider the connotations of the name ShadeMistress ...


                  LOL Bret, I'm still a girl I think... *checks* yep, still a girl...

                  I'm not that young, I'm 28. I guess I just have a lot of different ideas, am always getting new ideas for stuff, and can work quickly and often since I do work at home... I've also been able to take maps from concept to final within a week if I am motivated enough... and I been mapping since Doom 1.

                  I've also learned to work fast due to deadlines when I was working freelance for a while. Working for bigger companies like Blizzard or Eidos (mostly texture works) who don't have the patience to wait on the "little guy" will teach you to be on your toes and be able to make spur-of-the-moment changes. Unfortunately, most of the time working for those guys gets you no recognition what so ever, since chances are that your contract will state that ALL product that you make while under contract becomes their property and you cannot make any claims to it. Luckily, they pay well though, cuz when they start hiring outside help, it usually means they are hard up to meet some deadline for a sales pitch/demo/whatever.


                    Very confusing layout, can't really make an accurate comment about gameplay until I learn the map a bit more


                      I should probably have explained that in the OP. The fastest way to a flag is just follow the big signs with the team symbols on them. The arrows on the ground will lead you to that color team's flag.

                      Other than that, it's a symmetrical layout with asymmetrical flag positioning: The flags are at opposing corners instead of the standard "directly across from one another" approach.

                      Both teams have advantages and disadvantages to the placement of the flag.

                      For example: The red team's flag seems a tad harder to defend because it is out in the open with little cover nearby, but there's a few really awesome sniper spots surrounding it and runners have to get by sniper fire on open ground to nab the flag if it's properly defended. The blue flag seems so much easier to defend, since it is in the corner with lots of cover nearby and at least 4 bottlenecked areas on approach.... keep in mind though, that the Redeemer isn't far off and it would be very easy for red to obliterate all of blue's defenses with one shot. Of course blue could try to do the same, but that means getting down to red's flag (probably through that narrow canyon area near the rocket launcher) to get a good shot, and it's unlikely that you'll catch any snipers with it.

                      For crazy fun: Load up on tons of health and ammo, grab the Berzerk, and try to make a run across the rocks on the bottom on Skilled. I did it yesterday with a whole 15 health left, but it was so cool.

                      Blasting bots into the lava with the shock is fun too...


                        I must say Awesome job on this one, I always get 40+ FPS on it on my mediocre PC.
                        Tho the layout could be a bit confusing at first but that just adds up to the fun of it.
                        Thanks Shade for your work.


                          Thanks for the comments, but with my account telling me that there's been over 100 total downloads between PS3 and PC, I'd think that this wouldn't have to be dug up from the bottom of page 8...

                          Considering the fact that more than 35% of the downloads were for the PS3 version, if you guys aren't going to rate my stuff or even gimme a "TY" then I will simply no longer develop anything for PS3 EVER...

                          I do enjoy mapping (and admittedly do it more for me than anyone else) and all that I ask is you try not to let threads of the maps you obviously are downloading (mine or anybody else's) drop without saying a word. I might not comment on every map thread to every map I ever downloaded, but I do make an effort to say something...

                          This is exactly why the Beta Forums are swamped with great ideas that never got finished, the community just simply doesn't seem interested...

                          Anyways, I'm going on and on.... lol

                          Just wanted to bump this up and get it off the bottom of page 8 so anyone that coulda missed it might see it.


                            Looks amazing!!


                              Just saw this and holy ****, this map is huge. I'm a PS3 user but I managed to download before you took the link down. I really like this map because it is the only CTF map I know that has jump boots on it. It makes flagrunning very entertaining. Looking forward to your next project if you reconsider and start releasing for PS3 again.