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CTF-Chemical Refinery LF edition [8-8-08][PC][PICS][DOWNLOAD]

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    CTF-Chemical Refinery LF edition [8-8-08][PC][PICS][DOWNLOAD]

    Name: CTF-Chemical Refinery LF

    Version: LF (Lee's Favorite)

    Compatibility: UT3 v1.2

    Description: A wide open CTF map set in the murky confines of an abandoned but fully automated chemical refinery. Skill is a must to avoid the sniping enemy. Teamwork will be needed to get the job done. And what ever you do watch out for the goop!

    Comments: So here is where it stands.

    - Replaced all windows with breakable actors now all [STOCK] weapons will break windows (except the Bio Rifle which I don't want to be able to).

    If anyone knows how to make mutator weapons like the dFb Ultra Rifle or the Xark weapons break the glass please let me know!

    - Translocator will also break window but there is a chance the disc will be reflected back. Most of the time it goes through though. I believe this to be fairly realistic and don't look at it as a bug. Any time you throw something through a glass window there is a percent chance it will be reflected back even though it breaks the window. And best of all it no longer causes damage when someone uses the translocator on the window since I added a separate trigger volume specifically for that.

    - started working with a material for the red and blue lighting over the doors this is a work in progress and will hopefully get better as I become more familiar with the material editor and textures.

    There is a use button activated elevator in the mezzanine that can be activated near the control panel there.

    The point of this release in a non beta format was to try and get wider exposure and more feedback. Beta work will still continue but the map is very close to my original vision right now. Yes it can and will be improved on more. For Beta 7 I plan on reducing the mesh content to try and give the frame rate a boost for lower end machines. I also plan to remove the custom music and audio alarm so that I can cook it for the PS3. That is another reason I released the LF edition. Cheesy as it may be I love the audible alarm for the flush sequence. In order to give some sort of alarm I will be using a flashing light with the stock alarm sound. Hopefully that will work for the PS3.

    As always if anyone has ideas how I can make things better please let me know. I am specifically interested in how to make the bots a little more aggressive in capturing the flag.


    Lift control box. Use the 'E' (use) key to activate.

    Credits: I would like to extend a hearty thanks to (in no particular order): Syphix, DGUnreal, jayoplus, Vectorspace, Eldraad, ffejnosliw, Nawrot, D-Hunter, Vertigo101 and $n[p3r. For giving me information and advice to get to this stage. Thanks everyone! Oh and especially my Alpha tester The_Shadow. Thanks a million.

    Thanks for any feedback and/or tips you care to give!

    Download: Chemical Refinery LF

    Your map looks really good, i espically like the suspended walkway theme where you can jump from walkway to walkway, i look foward to trying it out when it gets cooked for the PS3, and will leave you constructive comments on it.


      this hav' a nice hav a tokara forest look in some a chemical refinery


        No comments. Except HOLP CTF maps - this is the best one ever.


          Very cool. I don't play CTF much, but I'll sure be playing this one.


            looks real nice, though i dont hope its a snipers paradise...




                cool map! atmosphere is very well done and the paths are mostly all intuitive easy to get to... obviously the size limits its play a bit since you really need to have at least a 5v5 to make the gameplay move but its still fun regardless because of the suspeded walkways and possible jumps/moves that can be done. i put the map up on my server. very nice work!


                  looks friggin awesome!
                  gona give it a try


                    looks friggin awesome
                    gone give it a try


                      Great map!

                      I added your map to this server ( EU ):