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    Version:Version 1.4 (Updated)

    Compatibility: Made with Patch 1.3.

    Hey everyone,

    Even though this map was completely finished about 3 weeks ago, I wanted to put it through a final round of testing before I felt it was worthy of being posting here. People who've followed the Make Something Unreal Contest may have already tried out version 1.0, but since then I've incorporated a significant number of changes based on user feedback and various bug reports. So, Without further ado, let's get into the details:

    One of the things I kept in mind whilst designing the map was the many common UT3 complaints that I heard. Such as "UT3 maps are dark" or "gloomy" or "terribly blurry". I decided to tackle this misconception head-on and envisioned my map as an ideal day at the beach: bright, sunny, and clear!

    It’s design was inspired by both Battlefront (a personal favorite) WAR-Islander (a bit) and also ONS-Islandhop. Creating the map turned out the be a huge challenge for a variety of reasons; partly because there’s so many more new things to do in Warfare maps over ONS, but also because, as you may have noticed, UT3 stock maps are totally devoid of tropical foliage and materials! I actually had to go back to 2k4, grab a bunch of tropical textures, and then “upgrade” them for use in UT3 (normal maps, etc). I see now that many other mappers have done the same .

    In terms of gameplay, I drew upon the aspects of Onslaught that people found fun: sizeable/epic battlefields (but not too big ), minimal spamminess, decent node count, avoiding of choke nodes, etc.

    The map is designed with grand battles in mind, and requires a good balance of defense and offense. Players more keen on fast-paced action will get plenty of it on offense, meanwhile, players who prefer a more “measured” pace, can play an important role on defense.

    I also added some “goodies” in the map. The cores for example, as they become more damaged, the entire core facility itself starts to show it, not just the core itself. Conduits burst into flames, sparks spew from overhead electrical circuitry, control panels and alarms emphasize the direness of the situation. Also, to mix things up, I scripted a retro 2k4-style core explosion with the movable camera (instead of the fixed animation) so you can look around and see who’s nearby as the core overloads and explodes.

    However, don’t think this is simply Onslaught in Warfare’s clothing. The map has a large variety of deployables and powerups hidden throughout the whole map. There are EMPs to help deal with the tanks, a spider mine trap to help with defence, a helmet to help make it past snipers, Invisibility for sneaky stealth attacks, Beserk, double-damage, and of course jump boots to help you get some of these harder-to-get-to powerups. Also, there’s a nightshade hidden on the map (1 per side) that will help with defence, offense, and sneaky stealth attacks. Each core also has an Orb dispenser to help a failing teams make a comeback. I strived to apply the best aspects of both ONS and Warfare to create a map that’s still UT3, but doesn’t forget its fundamentals .

    Finally, I tried to provide a diverse battlefield so that, regardless of your favourite style of gameplay, there’s something for you .

    Dense jungles: Too dense for vehicles, proceed on foot!
    Central hills and grassland: Use the hills for cover, if you get caught out in the open, feign death to hide amongst the grass- it’s tall enough to hide you, but short enough for you to see over! Great for unsuspecting ambushes on passing players from behind. Works in the jungle too!
    Beaches: Ever fought for a node underwater? It’s pretty crazy . Shock rifle and minigun are particularly useful here.
    Indoor areas: Put your DM skills to use here!

    Anyways, hope people enjoy it. Any feedback (good or bad but hopefully constructive) would be awesome ! Hopefully, Warfare players will have a new map to look forward to on the servers soon .

    Download: (latest version: 1.4)

    Looks VERY GOOD. Its nice to see maps that dont dollow the ut3 settings and what-not, also, i do enjoy beach maps , especially if its winter cuz ill allway have a beach nearby lol. Ooo and underwater, sounds fun.


      wow.. looks great


        I LOVE tropical layout but this one is unfortunately almost completely unplayable. There are too much vehicles, mostly Scorpions and Goliaths, especially in the Cliff nodes. Infantry has NO chances here, even with the AVRiLs put in all lockers.

        I'm trying to take some Cliff node and ALWAYS some Scorpion is running from there or Goliath is nearby. Construction of the node places is quite bad too. I'm taking node from the stairs - Scorpion is killing me, trying near the portal - probably someone will respawn behind me in a moment, get sniper and - BOOM HEADSHOT from behind. That's not fair.
        Strange thing also - I'm hiding in the grass and Scorpions and Goliaths are shooting to me like on open space.

        And the last one - Leviathan is unnecessary here, bacause you can't use all his advantages - cores and nodes (except beach side) are hidden in the buildings and there are no possibility to attack them with it. It's just impractilcal. Just a thought.

        But your map has really big potential, layout is very nice and maybe with some nodes reconstructing (e. g. uncovering), some vehicles removing and fixing some typical things (paths, collisions etc., like in all betas) this map could offer perfect warfare gameplay with great visuals.
        I'm really looking forward for it!


          Actually the map actually has a much stronger balance towards infantry than others. Many of the nodes (the cores too, in fact) are indoor and require you to go in on foot. The jungle node too is virtually unreachable by vehicles due to the dense trees. If you're having some trouble with the cliff nodes, here's somethings to try: there's an emp nearby that you can leave at the entrance, any vehicles that come your way will be nullified immediately. There's also a spider mine trap too which can really help; you can even deploy it outside and then use your avril laser to guide some mines to come into the building with you and help out. Remember, first thing, to hit the node at least once. That way, no enemies can spawn in. Also, keep and eye out for the jump boots, and the invisibility powerups, they can really give you an edge.

          Regarding the Levi, it's a little known fact that Levis in UT3 can be destroyed by taking out the node that spawns them (if it's not a count-down node). Thus all you need to actually kill the enemy Levi is a well-placed redeemer missile, an orb, 3-4 goliath shells, two shots from the SPMA... etc. Also, recall that both sides of the ridges have an EMP mine, not to mention that both teams have a nightshade (which has yet more EMPs). All-in-all, keeping the Leviathan alive is pretty much impossible in the mid-game.

          The vehicle is actually designed to be an endgame finisher. From playing online, I've noticed that both Onslaught and Warfare often fall into a state that I call the "Prime Node Deadlock" where a team has lost their prime node(s) and now the game has proceeded to a state where the losing team is trying to recaputre their prime node but can't because their opponents have an entire map's worth of vehicles constantly knocking it out again. Likewise the winning team is unable to capture and hold the prime node(s) long enough to do any core damage because the entire losing team is all focused on the prime node and typically only a short distance from the core. I've noticed that both teams become frustrated in this state: The winning team because they can't get their 2 points, and the losing team, because they know they're going to lose, and are unable to make a comeback. Here, the Leviathan breaks the deadlock, because without prime nodes, the losing team will be unable to harm the Levi node. As such, the Levi can obliterate the enemy core very quickly. The losing team is spared the agonising hopeless fights over their prime nodes and the winning team gets their two points .

          I realize that it's an enormous, in-depth map design with a lot going on, but if you give it a few tries and explore a lot, you'll uncover all sorts of interesting strategies, hidden paths, power-ups, and even vehicles that'll help give you the edge over your enemies.


            This one has all the marks of long passionate work. Looks quite good. Thanks a lot.
            Some feedback / suggestions below:

            - Would it be possible to reduce the number of nodes? Min 3 nodes are required to get to the enemy core and by the time you are trying this you may find the core is already linked to some other nodes. This might be my style of play but I found it's either a quick victory or the result would be up to the timeout.

            - I agree with the Siriondel Evendim on the number of vehicles. I understand there the powerups, emp and gadgets to reset the balance towards infantry (along with some clever tactics), but imho that takes away from tournament nature of the game. Why have so many big guns that requires so much gadgets to re-balance?

            I think the map is good as is more enjoyable for anyone up for some mechanized warfare challenge . So may be create a lite version with less nodes and vehicles and gadgets for others who are more into infantry.

            For some reason this vehicle infantry comparision reminds me of the Marine Sgt's quote to Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men: "I like you Navy boys. Every time we go someplace to fight, you fellas give us a ride."!!!


              nice map actually has some coler !


                me too I love tropical map

                looks really nice !
                thank you


                  coooool : )
                  thx for that


                    Awwww _N_ talk about a day late. This would've been perfect for the custom map party. We'll have to include it in the next one for sure!


                      Alas, there is one niche that you forgot... Flyboys.

                      It'd help keep the rampant tanks in check, for certain. Also, if they do get too powerful, you could intersperse some Nemeses around the map; their hitscan beams can make mincemeat of aircraft (but are cannon fodder to heavy ground vees), but I doubt that'd be a problem since AVRiLs are available.


                        Originally posted by bclagge View Post
                        Awwww _N_ talk about a day late. This would've been perfect for the custom map party. We'll have to include it in the next one for sure!
                        Yeah, I was hoping to post sooner too but lost track of time... Still, it was a great custom map party all the same. The most fun I've had on UT3 in a long time

                        "Next one" you say? Any clue as to when that might be? I really look forward to it!


                          Originally posted by MadCat221 View Post
                          Alas, there is one niche that you forgot... Flyboys.

                          It'd help keep the rampant tanks in check, for certain. Also, if they do get too powerful, you could intersperse some Nemeses around the map; their hitscan beams can make mincemeat of aircraft (but are cannon fodder to heavy ground vees), but I doubt that'd be a problem since AVRiLs are available.
                          Ah yes, I did actually have a Cicada in the map at one point, but it ended up being waaaaay overpowered. Also I made the cliffs a little low so there wasn't much room to fly around in anyways . Right from the start, the plan was for a ground-war based map concept.

                          SPMAs take over the role of aircraft in this map, with their ability to strike from above, they're perfect for taking out enemy goliaths (though scorpion drivers will be able to evade them). I feel that this is a map where SPMAs finally can perform the role they're designed to: fire artillery over fortifications and strike down on enemy lines .


                            All of the screenshots in the OP are broken.


                              Aw, shoot yeah. I just checked: the entire hosting site is down . I'll see if I can host them using a different site.