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DM-Hyraxis [V1.1][DL/Video]

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    DM-Hyraxis [V1.1][DL/Video]

    Name: DM-Hyraxis
    Download: V1.1
    Version: V1.1
    Compatibility: 1.3 Patch
    Description: Located deep within the core of the Hyraxis Transportation network are stations such as H-AXC003. These stations accelerate automated passenger trains up to supersonic speeds by means of electromagnetic induction, delivering human cargo to their destinations within minutes. This system was initiated by the Liandri corporation in order to prevent choking airways due to overload of civilian movement during the Tournament. H-AXC003, out of high demand for bloodsport, was converted into a tournament arena for violent battles to the death, not because of the high drops, but because of the dangers present in an active accelerating station.

    Comments: Although it may not look like much to the average person, it's my 2nd real map on the PC, and this map is no joke. Hyraxis is a radical, different, deadly layout for a deathmatch map, originating from an original TimeSplitters: Future Perfect map called AuToMaTiKs 2, Hyraxis is going to make you think twice about jumping off that platform to the rail, or go after the amp, or run haplessly through a teleport, it will keep your twitch reflexes going though it may not look like much. The jump button will be used... it will be.

    I worked on this map for four or more months.

    Note: For PS3 users, I will have a release when it's able to be cooked.


    Video: DM-Hyraxis Beta 1.4

    Credits: xViper AKx/Hugh Weymouth for environmental design and concepts, Epic for provided content and editor, also, Stevelois, Assass1n, EpicJon, and Setheran who provided feedback!

    Good work, great to see this finally released!


      Well, thanks, it's a load of good fun to play with you and Death on the servers, thanks for sticking with it the four long months I worked on it (Was it five months? I don't know any more) Anyways, I hope to see more satisfied players.


        Any further comments? I'd like to know what people think.


          I think this is a really nice looking map with some very interesting game play mechanics at work. It is definitely a map for people looking for a good challenge and something different. Goob job and congrats on releasing it.


            Well, I'm glad that I'm showing progression, not regression, It's better than my last one, I believe, probably because I put so much work into it as opposed to Cryostasis. I think that I'm not going to continue with Frigid as that was more of a stepping stone to learn how to do a very rudimentary outdoors environment.


              Extremely well done. I can't find anything to criticize man, nice work.


                Thanks to a good friend who ensured the quality of the map, there isn't much anybody can complain about really. Maybe a few blocking volumes or something, but since I really took my time on this map, and had some good guidance, it came together.

                I spent approximately four to five months on Hyraxis. So thanks for the compliment.

                P.S. Whoever looks at this thread would be most appreciated if they provided some form of constructive feedback. (none of that negative "Oh this map sucks" kind of ****, nobody can use that as feedback)


                  WOW !....dunno how i did to miss that one
                  all is good here:

                  *visually it s really fantastic the structure is nice and all those little electric effects put the result higher

                  *all long the game i was on fire on all sides....the "train"; not to fall out of the map;and the bots......the sound of the map it self with all those noises .....the map is alive and he talk with electric "craks" ! lol.....

                  *the gameplay is fantastic and here we can see the enormous work u did on that level...congratz it s just well done in a real new style (the little "jump pads "are speeding the moove in a nice way)

                  two little things:

                  -i m sure we re all going to enjoy that map a lot but we ll need to learn it at first....i mean it s long to learn where to walk or not cauz there s several ways to play s an advatage but some players hate to have to learn a map to be abble to play it....(not me )

                  -i hope u ll find enough players on line to play it on "big" servers cauz playin' less than 6 players here s hard to find them on the map haha^^

                  so another time congratz for that rocket map and thx for the hard work u put in it : )


                    oh i forgot to say i m going to try all ur other maps for sure héhéhéhé......


                      Thanks for checking it out! I'm glad you liked it.


                        very fun map !

                        I love jump pad looks nice too
                        thank you !


                          Okay, played the map for a bit. Here's some feedback...

                          Pros -
                          • Interesting & different DM game style
                          • Has some good effects and sounds
                          • Has a hook to it, as far as the twin trains and dangers to getting the power ups.
                          • Nicely placed & good amount pickups for size of map.

                          Cons -
                          • Various issues with elevators and teleporters/jump pads - you can get stuck in them if you are against a wall. One teleporter takes you to a spot, but if you go back into the teleporter, you're left in a room and can't teleport back.
                          • Unlit movers - black
                          • Some gameplay issues with dead ends or difficult layout forces player to worry more about where they are vs. where their opponents are.
                          • Need more blocking volumes along walls and floors to prevent getting caught on stuff
                          • Too many lifts, jumppads and teleporters.

                          Some pics here to help show where the issues are, listed above:

                          BV needed on wall & floor/catwalks:

                          Black movers:

                          Also, would be nice for the train holes to have a little more interesting texture & meshwork inside them...

                          This looked like an elevator, but didn't do anything:

                          I wanted to walk across the blue bubble floor, but I fell through... should be more clear to player the routes & danger spots...:

                          I got stuck in this elevator. It moves quite fast, and if you're not centered on the lift, it will trap you in it's disco inferno lighting gyrator!

                          Another spot with a problem - can't recall looking at the pic what the problem was...sorry.

                          Oh, I remember now... this was the ending teleporter where I tried to go back into it, and went nowhere but an small room.

                          Overall, I like the effort and challenges it presents the player - perhaps a smidge too tight in spots, where you're trying to move about the level and run out of room or get lost.

                          I'd recommend fewer lifts & portals for the map, primarily. It would alleviate some confusion and keep the player focused on gameplay, imo.



                            As far as the black movers go, that might be your settings. And the teleporter, I think I removed the reverse link so that you don't get trapped in that back room there.


                              Originally posted by xViperAKx View Post
                              As far as the black movers go, that might be your settings. And the teleporter, I think I removed the reverse link so that you don't get trapped in that back room there.
                              Can you please let me know what your vid settings are, so I can make sure mine are set properly to see the movers?