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DM-The Edge [UPDATE V1.2]

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    Seems like good placement to me.


      another gorgeous looking map by remus. **** U REMUS -.-,


      good job m8.


        WTF, I haven't tried this yet? Um, let me check and see why..................well, I guess I never downloaded it. I'll get to it eventually.

        This is strange, I now have two downloads of The Edge. Both have ut3 and upk files with dates of 8/15/08 (ini file dates are 7/21/08 for DM-TheEdge and 9/6/09 for DM-RB-TheEdge). What's the difference? I just made a brief comment that DM-TheEdge was a great remake set on Mars (I tried this one a few months back).

        EDIT: I guess this one is the one I want. Review coming soon!


          History of "TheEdge"?

          OK guys, I figure I have these games installed on one computer or the other still and I have some of these maps so here it goes (I don't have all the versions though):

          Q2DM1-TheEdge (possibly by Tim Willits for Quake2 in Dec. 1997) >> first version of "TheEdge" may actually be for Quake1 but I don't have Quake1, so we're starting here. This one has serious brown/red/orange textures, bland sky, curving stairs and a curving stairs room. There's a dark low room with columns and another room underwater that you have to swim (risky) to in order to snag the railgun. I didn't hear any music. There are rooms with boxes/crates and a spawn point to grab rocket launcher and megahealth easily and quickly. Use the elevators to get up quickly. This has a good layout, flow and gameplay with obvious Quake2 movement.

          DM-Q2DM1 (by VT|CreepingDeath for UT on 4/25/2000) >> recommended 2-8 players (I believe the rest of these do this), definitely has more details for UT, cleaner look to it, standard UT pumping music track, ripper in basement column room, shock rifle in place of railgun to swim, similar but slightly different colors to the original, great gameplay and tough bots.

          DM-Edge][ (by Faceless for UT on 11/11/2000) >> no music, a lot more detailed and red/black sky with eyes, skull-gothic look, kinda looks like what The Edge would be in Quake3 (except for the obvious Unreal stuff), slightly different layout, same great gameplay and bots, strange teleporters, jumppads, some of the stairs are now ramps, blood lakes, blood waterfalls, pentagrams, skulls, glowing eyes, Skaarj statues, chained up Nali (some moving), Udamage on a blood lake, pulse rifle plays prominently.

          DM-Edge-Scrag (by Hellscrag for UT on 3/6/2002) >> aka The Edge - Scrag Mix, night sky, more gray textures and almost boring compared to the last two, back to standard layout and gameplay, ripper in column room but flak cannon reward for swimming, standard UT track but different than DM-Q2DM1, bots might be slightly easier.

          DM-Edge2003 (by Sputt & Ifrit for UT2003 on 12/25/2002) >> they called it a nightmare theme, dark bluish-purplish clouds in sky, custom music track that definitely fits the theme, a slightly less obvious gothic theme, dark browns blacks dark grays with hints of orange fire and red, some blocky corridors and interesting light fixtures, it even has grass and it's a swim for the flak cannon again, biorifle is in the column room and the shock rifle is in place of the rocket launcher, bots a little easier, rocket launcher is down below in a dead end, gameplay not as fun in UT2003 and can get tripped up on some lips here and there.

          Q4DM7-OverTheEdge (by iD Software for Quake4 in June 2007) >> definitely now Quake4 textures, shotgun in corridor room now, railgun is now out in the open up high, oh look I make a shadow now, nailgun is kick a$$ (can you tell I haven't played through Q4 yet?), rocket launcher at dead end again but it seems to fire more like the old hyperblaster in Q4, I can't seem to find the water.

          DM-RB-TheEdge (by Remus for UT3) >> good and cool remake of Q2DM1 "The Edge" from Quake2, this is obviously the map in this thread, orange grays and blacks of sky look really cool, map looks like it's set in a dust storm on Mars, seems almost too much orange/yellow in the map (maybe too saturated or something), good music track, nice UT3 details and water looks great, the enforcer is in the column room, you have to swim for the sniper rifle, same great gameplay again yet the bots are easier and tend to cluster around now open flak cannon location. This is fun for me as the flak cannon is my favorite weapon, but others may not like it.




              Definitely a favorite map made by Remus. Feeling impact on the Quake 2 DM remake, must be good concept about this map for a centered stage. Thumbs up!


                Nice map Remus, the Quake 2 remake works good on my ps3.
                There's some black squares when you shoot at the water and I like maps
                without black squares. lol