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WAR-ZeroImpact Final Release (PC/PS3) Download + Pics

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    Originally posted by ChainsawFilms View Post
    Pre-post disclaimer - all comments are based on, usually, a single match on your map. I've been playing a few maps a night this week, and posting my brief comments for every one of those maps.


    Great map, lots of nodes. One of my favourite user maps. I like the central tank building.

    The large conveyors are a nice idea. Maybe you could make them feel a little more "solid" - have them chuck out a few random sparks here and there, and give them an edging so they look like they look a bit more impressive, a bit more industrial. You could even add cranes dropping crates on to one side, and picking them up the other.

    The rockets can explode on the sky - that's about the only "fault" with the map.

    All in all, this is a favourite of mine, and one I've played quite a few times Thanks.

    Thanks you for taking the time to supply feedback for this map. I really appreciate the critique.

    I wish I could redo this map from scratch. I should have made this map a tad smaller. In doing so, I could have added much more detail, the one thing I think is lacking. I cut my teeth with the new engine with this map. The lessons learned from this map are being applied to my current work WAR-Bittersands, which I hope will be a better map as a result.

    Sorry for responding to this post so late.

    Again, Thank You for the post-release critique.



      I love the gameplay!

      I added your map to this server ( EU ):