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Shade's Tropix 2 (Tropical Static Meshes, UPDATED!)

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    Shade's Tropix 2 (Tropical Static Meshes, UPDATED!)

    Name: Shade's TropiX 2 (.ase Meshes and .bmp Texture Maps)

    Version: Final v2.0

    Compatibility: Used in UT3 v1.2

    Description: Some .ase format Static Meshes (UVW Mapped) with Diffuse (color), Specularity, Normal, and in some cases Transparency (Opacity) Mask Texture Samples (for the Fan and Date Palm Trees). Meshes can be seen in the preview pics below. You will have to import the meshes and textures, and assemble the material in UEd's Material Editor. If you have a question about how to set it up, let me know.

    UPDATE: Re-worked Palm Trees, the leaves and trunks are now seperate, so you don't have to worry about leaves blocking your shots. Be advised, these will replace any existing trees you have used unless you make sure to import them under a different name.

    ADDED: Wall Angel Statues, Wall Lion Statues, 3 Types of Ferns (also a Fern Group Mesh containing a nice smattering of all 3 to cover a whole area with one mesh), Brick Column, Concrete-like Base for the Brick Column, A large round rooftop thing, a Wall Torch with runic engravings, and a Standing Flame Sconce (texture being reworked, but importing the new one will overwrite the old one for future versions). All Materials for all of these, I also included a few texture samples that never got used for Door Arches (there is no matching model for the material anymore since it evolved into the existing Arch Mesh), so feel free to tinker with it.

    One other small add-on was the addition of a few other textures I used for terrain/bsp materials in my map WAR-PsychoTropix. You can see most of these meshes in use on that map.

    Comments: Feel free to use these in you own maps or whatever, as long as it is not for profit and you give me a little mention somewhere in a readme file or something.


    More Below, forum won't allow more than 9 pics....

    Credits: Just me

    Homepage: None


    Nice meshes and textures! Thx for sharing them with the community. I added a news at our forum @




        This is great thx Shade, I'll put some of these on my first warfare map since its a sort of a mystical forest.
        Hope more modellers make their models available for UT3.


          woooow even rls it befor ur map with this theme is final.

          i wish more peps wit skills in modelin would be so friendly like you.

          lookin good thx!


            Thanks for the responses guys, just givin' this a little bump.

            I decided why not release the models to the modders, I mean more options for mappers means less of the same old thing regurgitated by another mapper in a different layout, so I am hoping that these (very) simple meshes will inspire other modellers to release any models that they aren't keeping for any special projects to the mod community. It could only lead to inspiring more people with fresh ideas and a nice change of pace from map to map as opposed to battling in the same environment types all the time.

            That and some of these models are getting a slight makeover before "WAR-PsychoTropix BETA" gets released, so I saw no harm in giving away these unaltered versions.

            A note on the sizes of the meshes: They seem oddly sized, but Blender (which I do most modelling in) likes to give you a really small default grid to work on (8 unreal units if I remember right) and I often forget to resize the grid before I scale everything up.... so they usually end up on the small side and need to be resized a bit (around 10-12 seems average). I'll fix this if it bugs anyone... as for me, I don't mind resizing the models, since I usually try to make most of them different sizes anyway for realism.

            So, cheers for the comments and I may go ahead and expand this set with some ferns and other tropical-type models at a later date.


              Just thought I'd bump this... Don't know if people are having issues using these, but here's some instructions.

              Well, it's pretty easy. Just extract the files in the .rar to wherever on your drive.

              Then open up UED and go into the Generic Browser (after you load your map up).

              Go to "File>Import" in the Generic Browser and search for the files you want to import. You can go ahead and select all of them if you like, then onces that go unused will not get saved.

              Make sure to import into your package (your map) or you'll have some weird editor bugs start cropping up on you.

              Meshes are in .ase format and all of the matching textures are in 24-bit .bmp format.

              Once Everything is loaded into the generic browser, you will have to set up Materials for your textures.

              Right-Click somewhere in the Generic Browser (not on a texture or something though) and go to New Material. Make sure you create this new material in your package as well.

              (Just worth noting that you might want to avoid putting these into sub-groups, though the option is there. There's a slight chance that putting custom resources into separate groups and not JUST the package/map name can cause your map to become corrupted. I think that for some reason, it tries to read the sub-groups from Epic's folders first and can't find yours, then craps out because it gets confused. At least that's what one of my logs showed. Anyway, use separate groups at your own risk.)

              You can create new texture samples using the textures by selecting the Texture in the Generic Browser, then right-click in the Material Editor and go down to "New Texture Sample."

              Plug the blue tab (top) of each texture sample into it's corresponding field.

              "_COLOR" at the end of a Texture's Name or Just a name usually goes into the Diffuse Channel.

              "_SPEC" = Specularity

              "_NRM" = Normals

              "_TRANS" = Opacity Mask (set the actual Material's Opacity Type to "Masked")

              Just tweak things until you like them. (To make some of my normal maps really pop, I'll Multiply the Normal Texture by a Constant 3 Vector. Change the X and Y (Red and Green) to 2 and Z (Blue) to around 1 or tweak it)

              Go ahead and close and make sure you save the changes.

              When importing the meshes, it will give you a No Reference Material Set, using default material" warning. That's no big deal since I like to assign my materials in the editor.

              Now open up the Mesh in the Generic Browser by double-clicking it. On the right will be a little window and you should see a field named "LOD Groups."

              Go ahead and open that whole tree until you see a field to input the Material for the Object.

              Select the newly created material in th Generic Browser, then click the blue arrow next to the material field in the mesh.

              NOW IF YOU WANT COLLISION: I like to do this in the editor because I like very basic collision, less polys are less things to snag people on. So, I add a single mesh of the appropriate type, LEAVE IT AT THE SIZE IT IS CREATED (collision will be based on the mesh at a size of 1,1,1), then create a builder brush using geometry mode to more or less encompass the mesh or the important spots. With the StaticMesh and the builder brush selected Right-click one of them and go to Save Brush as Collision.

              If you already added some meshes without collision, don't fear, collision is duplicated for each mesh and the collision box will be scaled to fit the mesh no matter how you want to deform it later.

              By the way, feel free to re-skin these meshes with your own textures, or use the textures on your own meshes.


                Bump one more time since I just uploaded the rest of the Tropix Line-Up. Everything in the package (except one unused archway material) was used to construct my Warfare map: WAR-PsychoTropix, which is still in Beta, but very playable.


                  Thanks for the update Shade.
                  I'll try them as soon as I can.


                    No Problem. I'll try and get some screens up today of all of the meshes that don't have pics and some pics of the updated versions of the palm trees.


                      I just wanted to say that these meshes are ace, really well done. Those instructions were really helpful as well, but just in case there is anyone as clueless as me, one thing that had me confused for a while was that in the material editor, there is a box you should tick called "two sided" or the leaves will disappear when you are underneath them. Oh, I also screwed up when I plugged the normal texture into the specularity socket. My bad lol


                        Yay, great work! You will be for sure included in credits for my next map


                          seems filefront dont like you anymore shade. link is broke for your download.

                          anyway of a new link?


                            Uploading the file again, will be another 20 minutes before it's ready...



                              thank you!