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DM-Hope [Final][Pics]

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  • DM-Hope [Final][Pics]

    Name: DM-Hope

    Version: Final

    Compatibility: 1.2 is what it was built with

    Description: After the initial invasion, General Rein and his men retreat to a super computer cooling facility, only to be caught in the cold by the Necris forces. Now, Rein and his men hold their ground, hoping the storm will break long enough for a transmittion for help.

    Comments: This is a contest map that I have spent this entire month working on, it has been a great experience with much difficulty. I hope you enjoy playing it. This map is intended for 2-4 players and a pretty powerfull computer is necessary to run it at full power. I am still working on optimizing it even more for better gameplay (which is the primary reason for this being beta and not final).


    Cryosis and Hyrage for Beta testing


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    nice, it looks a lot better ^^


    • #3
      EDIT: Fixed


      • #4
        Very nice. I like the changes like the pipes next to the Shock Rifle. Very awesome level, definitely a keeper.


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          Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed it. My next map is already underway, though don't expect it tommorow or anything


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            Another map to play. Thank you!


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              Clean and clear yet not too dark... Loving i.


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                Thanks Mr. Ugly Pants. The results of the 3d buzz contest should be soon.


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                  Decent gameplay.

                  Like the atmosphere and visuals, with breezy intact, also in steams and mechanical stuffs. The ambient sounds are very effective in short time. Some styles are redeemed better in this small map. Bots are good.

                  Two mirrors for this map:


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                    cool map!

                    needs pseudonym in preview shot; like the use of textures/meshes, falling snow inside, ambient sounds, blood, lighting and picture that looks like another room up top; very tight gameplay and bots are good as you would expect; fun map with classic gameplay; the only thing I would do is replace the biorifle with the pulse rifle, but that’s just personal preference.