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    Yeah, Jay did some pretty good maps


      Agreed Jay has some serious skills, i know he still visits these forums, not sure why he stopped posting, some day i might ask him.

      At any rate the remake thread in my sig has a working link for this map ..


        Oh yeah, I forgot about that thread; thanks for the reminder, haha. Yeah, I've been here longer than this account says.


          working links (believe it or not)

          Nice details with textures/meshes, sounds, crazy green scenery outside, sort of a skybox, indicators and steam; tight gameplay and bots are good but mine need to defend "before" our flag is taken. I like location of the big keg o' health and I agree with the comments on the ammo pickups and needing slightly more health vials.


            This map is now on touch.

            I heard that this map is recreated from the good old UT2004 CTF map "Chrome" as the credits stated, now this map (UT3) is named a different one and love the new features. Nice different set of meshes and textures, blue and red team colored light zones (prior to the screenshots at the first post), eerie sounds in the corridors, slimes, steams, and cool green world on the window. Even though this map is either scaled or not just to be sure and love the jump pad. Gameplay is fine and the bots are decent. The weapon/ammo placements are much the same as the UT2004 one, like the Super Health location and like the UDamage and Berserk powerups in the middle.

            FilePlanet mirror for this map on PC:

            PS3 version of this map goes to my Dropbox space:


              90% of the PS3 comments say "this makes my PS3 crash"

              ^^ please try to include verification -** does this file work on PS3?

              - sorry - i think this is why people hate me; but i feel it is VITAL INFORMATION NEEDED

              * i myself am a PS3 user; and would not be happy if it broke my mods; especially my physics maps for ps3...
              i would have to install my 10 maps for PS3 aswel as the 99 + maps by other ps3 authors.

              - Can you confirm it works; OR do i have to try it myself i cross my fingers