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DM-Orbital Decay (PC version 3 Now Available!)

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    Thanx for the praise M8! Muchly appreciated!

    As for submission into a map pack, it's an older map which was originally released back in 2k8 so I'll be keeping this as a stand alone, unless I release my own mappack sometime...maybe a low grav pack.

    Decay was the 2nd UT3 map I made and I plan on having a look at Deconstruction(my first map) to redo the lighting on that map, and also add an extra entrance to improve flow, which I'd been planning on doing for ages...but lacked motivation.. I'm considering a DOM variant, of both maps as well. I attempted a DOM variant a few years back but abandonded it due to crashing issues.


      Map preview issue is fixed now. It was an issue with the ini file and not the map!

      The DL link on the 1st post has been updated!

      Rather than re-downloading you can fix it by opening the "DM-OrbitalDecayV3.ini"
      and replace the following line:
      PreviewImageMarkup=<ImagesM-OrbitalDecayVOrbDecay_Mat> ( = ": D" without the space in between Lolz)


        Cool, thanks for the fix. Look forward to whatever you finish next.


          another cool space map!

          Holy ****! That's one crazy blue vortex thing! I like the rocky surfaces (moving asteroids), sparks, steam/mist, fog, electrical barriers (force fields), purple flux, water leak, inside-base atmosphere and architecture. What the heck is that shadowy, squid-like thing just outside the base area? (is this the black effect you talk about?). Wahoo, spider mines are afoot, watch out, AAAaaaaaaa.......... I'll have to study this map a little more to get used to the gameplay, but the bots are good and the flow is decent.


            Yeah this is one of the cooler maps I've seen!


              Thanx for the comments fellaz!
              Glad ta hear yaz have had some fun with it!