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DM-Orbital Decay (PC version 3 Now Available!)

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    DM-Orbital Decay (PC version 3 Now Available!)

    "The Liandri experiment has failed! Aboard a deep space research station in a remote star system bordering the outer region of their empire they constructed a highly advanced power core powered by a singularity. Originally more than a complete success, the radiating energy from the core mutated bacteria trapped within the rocky structure of the station into simple plant life spreading throughout the station interior. Realizing the potential the Liandri built a large scale version on a nearby planet hoping to begin terraforming experiments on a mass scale. The experiment ended in catastrophic failure...The singularity breached containment. Feeding off the planets matter it evolved into a black hole eating all matter within its grasp. With the prototype generator still operating within the research station, rival races have sent their best agents to secure the generator schematics buried deep within the computer systems before they are lost forever to the black holes gravity well...."

    Name: Orbital Decay
    Version: 3


    PC 'Full' Version 3: MediaFire


    Version 3: Runs as quick as the original 'Lite' version but is mostly unchanged from the original! Lighting has had a major overhaul in version 3! See readme for additional notes!

    Regarding forcefields - Orange blocks everything, green blocks players and blue blocks weapons.

    Lifts - When riding lifts just face towards the part that doesn't have the rail and once it stops you'll be able to walk right off! eg..face the part you walked onto the lift from!

    In the first 5 minutes there are 5 impacts to the structure. First one is about 40seconds in. If you stand in the lower 'orange field' corridor and look towards the 'rocket room' you should see the tunnel get a bit disjointed. Two others impact the side (between 2-4mins into the match) and two land on the surface for extra hiding space. If you see smoke and a impact sound come out of nowhere then it just happened.

    Hope you like the updated version!

    Version 3 Screenies;

    Link for older screenies;

    nice job from picts
    cant wait to play it


      FilePlanet Link up now!
      I hope you've got a good PC so you're able to play it?


        Any chance of a non File Planet host please?

        Maybe Mapraider?

        21 minute wait is too long


          waiting time 22min

          can you upload to filefront too please ?


            Due to popular demand...FileFront link is up!
            Check 1st post!


              Many thank yous


                Good lord, so many new maps and mods. Good looking too.


                  Not to complain, but this is "full releases", right? I mean, the maps here should be done, tested and ready, not "it will be fixed in the next version".


                    The map was finalized and uploaded at work on a very slow PC which was choppy as all hell. Before that it was fully tested to make sure everything was in order like no glaringly obvious floating pickup bases or walkthrough meshes etc.. (and the terrain appeared to be OK )
                    I was unaware at the time that the terrain had moved. It's only a small hole but annoying none the less as it's been sitting correctly for ages now. So in all essence this is a full 'tested' release and not an untested release.

                    My comment was made to moreso notify people that I'm aware of the hole and that it will be fixed in the next version and not to imply this is a untested map.
                    If you've got a high end PC by all means download it as I don't intend to update it anytime soon unless a gameplay affecting issue is found.(which this isn't)

                    Hopefully that clears it up for you?


                      hej you, you captured the idea by Syphix´s map CTF-Nucleus.

                      thats not fair,its him tube.


                        Originally posted by Sunshine1709Str View Post
                        hej you, you captured the idea by Syphix´s map CTF-Nucleus.

                        thats not fair,its him tube.
                        It may just be coincidence but it is strange how similar they appear. Perhaps a single mesh difference but I am not going to point any fingers - just hope people don't think its the other way around.


                          Great minds think alike is my response!
                          Personally I'd take it as an insult if I was accused of stealing his idea and I'd expect he would to if it was vice versa!
                          I didn't know his map existed but now that I've seen the screens, it's looking pretty sweet so far.


                            Well this fine level has been in development for well over a month so I know for a fact that LP didn't take anyone else's idea ... I beta tested the map over a month ago and the tube you are referring to was there. Anyway great map ... thanks alot. I'm sure you'll get a pm with a link to the PS3 version very soon. These days people just can't wait.


                              Thanx AnubanUT2!
                              Checking my PM's regarding earlier versions of this map the alfa was sent to AnubanUT2 and Gammo roughly dated 04-15-2008, 02:33 AM (copied from PM)
                              Plus using the epic meshes the easiest way to make a clear tube is to use the round frame and glass. Which was familar with as I used it in my 1st map....