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CTF-React Released [Pics] [Final]

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    Great job, especially on the design outside.


      older CTF but still good now

      I found this map to be simple, small, fun, elegant, fast-paced, addictive and a straight ahead CTF. You better have good teamwork in this one and the bots could be better (they don't seem to want to take the lower route). I did like the choices of multiple routes and that is always a plus for any CTF map.


        PC Version:
        PS3 Version:

        Added them to our vast database now xD

        Any objections if i were to add them to a possible future mappack?

        Greetz zunnie


          Fully advanced.

          This map is very playable in terms of gameplay against the opponents through CTF play. It really have a good weapon/item placement, the skybox is a pleasant surprise and the lighting makes a very good atmosphere. The FPS seems fine and the bots are really good at, they have a chance to take the lower route but to no avail.