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    Like others posters, the things I liked = layout, visuals & atmosphere.

    IMHO, item, powerups placement is rather odd and health supply is simply not enough. The disposal of all these affect the gameplay & the flow. It make me feel like the map as enormous potential and has been finish in a rush way. There are some things that IMO should be fix and others more polished. This is what I found in 5 minutes :

    Alignements :

    I was able to go to that high ?

    See through :

    See through (near bio) :

    Odd shadows :

    Clearly see the joints, add foliage like the other side :

    Add items in the path like 3-4 small health. Put item completely a part near rocks or walls breaks the flow, you get damage from weapon projectile and you break your route to get some health supply making you even more expose of being kill :

    When going out from teleporter, the bots was sometime going there, but there is nothing ?

    [Polishing] Add a nice water effect at the end of the waterfall or block the view so we can't see the bottom of the waterfall :

    This map should had been post in the beta forum in the first place.

    It can be a must but IMO needs more attentions.

    No offense but ATM, it is not a keeper for me.

    THX for the map.


      Originally posted by stevelois View Post

      This map should had been post in the beta forum in the first place.
      Right. I thought about the same after first play.


        I appreciate your attention to detail for the map. I must admit I did notice these problems at the end, but didnt feel like going back. :P

        I will take your advice in the future, but I dont think I will be editing this anytime soon. If I do however I will rectify the alignment, and perhaps place a clip over the top of the map. However, you can only reach that height while in spec mode, so I dont think that really is a problem.

        Thanks again for the feedback. I will make sure to keep them in mind while working on my next map


          Well, I won't argue with you about re-editing this map. This map as gorgeous, unique look. Very different from all others ATM.

          For me, it's just a shame to see so much potential wasted

          You see, some want quantity, some want quality and some want quantity + quality. I'm the third type of person

          Anyway, next time, take your time and don't be afraid to open a beta thread



            This map does have potential to be great, but it does need alot of work.


              You know, I thought about it, and I think I will take your advice and address the problems in the map. I was neglectful since I already submitted it for the contest, as well as it being difficult to find the time to edit it, but I can always delete and re-submit my entry.

              Any item placement advice for the map? (As well as the ones mentioned previously)


                My advices for now are,

                Start by fixing what people as comment.

                After, concentrate on gameplay, flow and items placement. There is room for improvements and I don't think it will ask to much. That step is polishing the map.

                Finally, resubmit that newer version


                  Thank you for the detailed comments, I appreciate the help Im going to be a bit busy this weekend, but Ill try to address all problems as fast as I can


                    Ive been editing this for a couple hours today. I addressed all problems brought up, and fixed them all (except the slight visibility through the column model, though it can only be noticed at a certain vantage point. Its extruded, and there is no hole in the mesh, so I dont know why its doing that).

                    I even re-placed weapons, health, and added more health in more obvious locations. I did a substancial addition to the scenery.

                    When its finished I will post it, titled as: DM-Monastery FINAL VERSION.

                    I want to thank all who gave feedback, espically stevelois for the detailed pictures. You really inspired me to go back and edit the hell out of this when I was about to just leave it.

                    When it is finished it will be the final version. Since the deadline for the "Make something Unreal" contest is closing for Phase 1, I really cannot go back again and change problems.


                      THX very much to had take the time to polish the map

                      It is good for you & for us

                      THX for the credits to.

                      Best of luck for the MSUC !


                        That looks brilliant Xyos, are you thinking of cooking it to PS3 at some point?

                        I would love to play it!


                          Originally posted by Wools View Post
                          That looks brilliant Xyos, are you thinking of cooking it to PS3 at some point?

                          I would love to play it!
                          The last final revised version is this one :


                          You might want to ask for the PS3 version there instead ?


                            Thanks for the link for the final version of this map, I've asked their instead.