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    UT2D 1.1 PC and PS3

    Newer version at

    Name: UT2D
    Version: 1.1
    Credits: Joe Bates (jbizzler/ZeelessOne), Chaosnight for the map Chaotic, Odedge for the map RisingSun2D, SAHChandler for the map VaporTrail, and Rehevkor for the map Waterworks
    Homepage: This thread.
    Download: PC, PS3

    This mod creates gametypes that turns UT3 into a 2D game! You jump a little higher, and some things are missing, but other than that it's basically UT in 2D!

    Fixed Waterworks not working properly on the PS3.

    Changed the spectator camera so it zooms out when unfocused.
    When spectating local bots, the camera will now move with respect to where they're looking.
    Changed how bots react to eachother when they're really close to eachother.
    Changed how far bots can see.
    Light modifications to UT2D-Chaotic.
    Added maps UT2D-RisingSun2D, UT2D-VaporTrail, and UT2D-Waterworks

    Added ability to jump out of water.

    Added UT2DBlockingVolume.

    Tweaked spectator mode.
    Made players walk through each other.
    Blocking volumes change (use regular BlockingVolumes now)

    Added PS3 support.
    Fixed camera effects so they stay on the screen (i.e. Impact Hammer blood spatter)
    Fixed recursive EncroachedBy bug.
    Removed UT2D Instagib mutator along with Instagib Rifle (suddenly stopped working!)
    Included UT2D-Chaotic
    Some other stuff I can't remember.

    Fixed tiny bug that makes bots appear to shoot behind themselves.
    Added the ability to extend view downward while crouching.
    New level border mandate, see mapping notes.

    Added UT2DScout for proper bot pathing (see mapping notes)
    Made the AI better again.

    Added UT2D Duel gametype.
    Restricted AI sight to be similar to human's.
    Greatly improved AI to act more human.
    Bots only go after flag bases in CTF games.

    Made bots far better.

    Fixed dropped powerups leaving the 2D plane.

    Restricted UT2D Instagib mutator to UT2D gametypes.
    Made wall-jumping values the same as they will be in Zeeless.
    Added some additional mapping instructions.

    Original Release

    Installation is pretty straightforward. For PC, just drag the included UTGame folder to "My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3" or wherever you keep your local UT3 files. Then just start up the game, and you'll have three wonderful new gametypes.

    For the PS3, place the included USERDATA.JAM file in the root directory (i.e. E:\) of some media the PS3 can read, like a USB flash drive. Start UT3 on the PS3, plug in the media, goto Community->My Content and hit [square] to import it. You should now have the gametypes listed.

    What's included:
    Because of its 2D nature, some weapons had to be modified, and others excluded. Also, obviously default UT3 maps won't work very well with it. Here's a list of what has been modified and what hasn't.

    These are exactly the same as their original shipping counterparts. They only exist to implement the different camera and physics changes. You get:
    UT2D Deathmatch
    UT2D Team Deathmatch
    UT2D Capture The Flag
    UT2D Duel

    Here is a list of all the weapons that have been modified for 2D gameplay.
    Avril (It's silly without vehicles, but I included it anyway)
    Bio Rifle
    Flak Cannon (The shells bounce 2D off walls but still spread)
    Impact Hammer (Way more useful in this)
    Link Gun
    Rocket Launcher (The grenades stay on the 2D plane)
    Shock Rifle
    Translocator (The disk stays on the 2D plane)

    Weapons not in:
    Instagib Rifle
    All deployables

    All the powerups are working as well. See mapping notes for a more technical explanation of this.

    AllWeapons will now give you the 2D weapons only.
    DoubleUp will give you a second 2D Enforcer.

    This includes the following maps:
    UT2D-Chaotic by Chaosnight
    UT2D-RisingSun2D by Odedge
    UT2D-VaporTrail by SAHChandler
    UT2D-Waterworks by Rehevkor

    All the shipping mutators should work except Weapon Replacement and Instagib.

    The controls are simple. Everything is for the most part the same as UT3. The only change is forward and backward ('W' and 'S' on a keyboard and up and down on the left analog stick) now make you jump and crouch respectively.

    Mapping notes:
    First and foremost, you need to get UT2D into UnrealEd. To do this, first, make sure UnrealEd is closed, then open UTEditor.ini, and find the section that reads [ModPackages]. Add a line to it that reads:
    Then copy

    Another important thing is proper bot pathing. You need to modify UnrealEd to make bot paths based on the new jump height. Just open up UTEngine.ini, goto [UTEditor.UTUnrealEdEngine] and set ScoutClassName=UT2D.UT2DScout. Make sure you're under the UTEditor section. There are two other ScoutClassName properties, and it has to be the one in the editor section. Make sure if you ever map for regular UT3 again to change this back.
    You can now start UnrealEd.

    Mapping for 2D has a lot of different rules. Naturally, all maps should have the prefix 'UT2D' and should support all the UT2D gametypes. So, place UTTeamPlayerStarts and UT2DFlagBases (More on flags in a bit). Flag bases can be in Deathmatch games. They just don't have flags on them, so it's safe to include them.

    Realize all characters will always be on the plane Y=0. So spawns, factories and triggers should be accessable from this 2D plane. When your done with a map, go through all the pickups and navigation points and make sure they're at exactly at Y=0. You can do this easily under the actor properties in the "Movement" section.

    The camera won't always be in the level. Make sure there is always something for the camera to see to avoid the hall of mirrors effect. Chaotic is a good example of this. Tentacles at the edge of the level block players from ever seeing outside it. Make sure there's always something to look at, and don't let the camera get to such a position where the rest of the level is totally blocked out. The spectator camera is free to go anywhere, though, so don't try and stop it.

    Surround the 2D gameplay plane with 2 UT2DBlockingVolumes, leaving a 64uu valley. Look at one of the included maps for an example of this. This way, players who feign death will stay on the 2D plane, and bots know they are restricted to it as well, and don't try and strafe out of it. It lets dead ragdolls through, too.

    Some actors should be the UT2D version. Rule of thumb, look at an actor's child classes and see if there is a UT2D version first before placing it in the level. There are special flag bases and poweup factories so they spawn 2D versions that don't bounce out of the 2D plane when dropped. For weapon factories, you can use the normal ones, but make sure they only spawn UT2DWeaps.

    Bots can swim, but barely. They have trouble moving vertically and jumping out of water. I suggest that if you have water in your map, don't require them to move vertically and give them ramps to get out.

    It'd be best to put things in the foreground and background for aesthetics, even though they can't be touched. Don't put too much in the foreground, or it will get in the way of the camera.

    Add vertical corridors for players to wall dodge back and forth off of and move vertically!

    On the UnrealEd toolbar, click View->World Properties. In that, click on WorldInfo, and expand GameTypesSupportedOnThisMap. If you include the UT2D gametypes, then they will be cooked into the map file. This has its pros and cons. If I make a change to the UT2D code that would break your map, it continues to function the way it did when you cooked it. I think you need these for it to work on the PS3 as well. However, if you want my changes, you need to recook and redistribute your map. This shouldn't be a big problem, though, because I don't intend to work with UT2D much after this release.

    Be original and have fun!

    Bug reporting:
    I don't know of any bugs in this, but they might be there. Please post bugs right here on this thread.

    **Additional Notes**
    The camera and jump height are the same as what we plan for Zeeless, a TC mod I'm working on. See my signature for more info.

    Okay, guys, this is what I'm going to enter in Make Something Unreal. Please test it out for me and find bugs. Design-wise, I can't think of anything else it needs.

    I'm not positive the PS3 version works, so someone please test it.

    I'm goign to leave this here for a few days before I enter it into MSU.


      Perfect! The change to the bot's visibility distance fixed issues I was having with the difficulty levels (since they'd be firing at you before you could see them). Basically, I think this release is right for the MSU contest. I think it's awesome.
      Also, it runs totally great on the PS3, so you can call that successfully tested.
      One issue though (but it's more of a map issue than a UT2D issue) - Waterworks doesn't work properly (at least on PS3), you still get the First-Person camera angle in it for some reason. All the other maps, including the old ones work wonderfully though.


        That's very odd. Are you sure it's not the gametype? Does it happen in all the gametypes?

        Edit: I think I know what was wrong. Try this fix: **LINK REMOVED**


          Okay, well the good news is that Waterworks now works great if I go in to say, Team Deathmatch, the bad news is that if I go in to regular UT2D Deathmatch, it can see every map in the game EXCEPT the UT2D ones.


            Try removing it from the PS3 before importing the new one.


              Alright, gave that a shot. The issue remains.


                AH, I got it!

                I don't know how, but a typo ended up in there. I have something that says prefix insetad of prefixes
                I've done this before. I don't actually type it in, so it must be some messed up default somehwere.

                This problem was probably in last one as well.

                Edit: While you wait for that, could you please test all four maps in all three of the other gametypes? Do they all have screenshots/descriptions? Do they all play right?


                  Okay, so I was about to get into the nitty-gritty and give you a very comprehensive test, flipping between 1.1 and 1.1b (deleting them in between installs), but when I went back down to 1.1, suddenly it has the problem with seeing every map in the game now too (when it didn't before I put it up to 1.1b). I'm at a complete loss. The only thing I can think to explain this is that it's a conflict with one of the other mods. All-Over-DM, or Snowreal, most likely.
                  I fear I may no longer be the best equipped to beta this for the PS3.


                    Just try this one:
                    I see no reason why it won't totally work.

                    Don't worry about previous ones. Just test the 4 maps on the 4 gametypes 4 me! I'm almost certain the last two problems are solved with it.


                      Okay. So.
                      I deleted everything I had that was UT2D, and rebooted the PS3.
                      Then I installed 1.1b (the newest one).
                      I went though every mode, and all 4 maps.
                      Everything worked perfectly. No issues at all. 1.1b is the proper PS3 release of 1.1.
                      If you wanted some nitpicking, there's -

                      -The arrows around the flag icons at the top of the screen in CTF don't point towards the flags (but I don't think they need to, you either go all the way left or all the way right).

                      -In Waterworks, if you get against the far left or far right wall, the wall can obscure your screen (making it all black), but you just have to face AWAY from the wall to fix that.

                      All in all, I think it's a hell of a good job.
                      One suggestion that came to mind while playing though is that I generally tend to put on either the Low Grav mutator or the Jet Pack, since making the jumps can be a little challenging at times. What do you think about giving the characters higher jumps? After all, in every side-scrolling game the player can always leap unrealistically high (and I'm not just talking about Mario here). Just something to think about anyways.

                      So I don't know what the issue was at first, but UT2D 1.1b works perfectly on the PS3.
                      Well done.


                        I never knew about the arrow thing. Nice spot.

                        The rest I'm aware of. Making jumps comes down to map makers. Changing that this late in the game woul screw with everyone's maps.

                        I also knew about the Waterworks thing. It stinks, but there's a wall there, so what you gonna do? Try and think about real life when you're face is in a wall.

                        Thanks for letting me know it all works. I can sleep well tonight. If nothing major comes up, I think I'll submit it tomorrow for Make Something Unreal.


                          I installed the newest version, including the maps. Here are my thoughts...

                          Can you clarify exactly what these changes are:

                          1. Changed the spectator camera so it zooms out when unfocused.
                          2. When spectating local bots, the camera will now move with respect to where they're looking.


                          1. Will the newer version of the mod have any conflicts with maps built with the 1.0 version?

                          The Mod itself:

                          1. There is still a graphical glitch that I posted in your original post.


                          It happens under a few conditions. First is when I am firing the enforcer, then I press my key for "Best Weapon" (which I don't have, i.e. Rocket Launcher), the part of my character shows up.

                          If I have a higher priority weapon, it will switch to that and not display the glitch.

                          If the higher priority weapon is a stinger or flak cannon and I press the "Best Weapon" (which I still don't have) key while firing the weapon, it shows up again.

                          It doesn't show up when I have the rocket launcher with ammo. But if I run out of ammo, it will glitch. I currently have the latest drivers for XP/8800 GT video card.

                          2. I notice that the mod doesn't allow weapons to drop on the ground when you place each UT2D volume 32 units away from the Y,0 axis. Is this intentional? If you place the volumes wider apart, the weapons fall to the ground when someone dies.

                          The same issue happened with jump pads, but this could be because they are not aligned exactly on the Y,0 axis?

                          3. I still find the bots firing at me when I can't see them. Will this happen if you fire in their direction and hit them? It seems that the camera is a bit too close. Too much action takes place in close quarters.

                          Maps: (I don't know if you are creating updated versions of the maps for this release? If not, the original authors can make changes

                          1. Waterworks.
                          a. The sliding door that is below and to the left of the Flak cannon, is to far back in it's starting position. When it opens up, it disappears through the wall (only door I noticed doing that).
                          b. When you are on either end of the map (looking outside of the map), the character's gun will be displayed. Happens on the areas above the first level. I know it's a graphical glitch and doesn't affect game play.

                          2. Chaotic.
                          a. On the right side of the map, you can see past the game world. It doesn't look the same as the left side of the map.
                          b. It would be nice to have more than just one weapon available.


                            Wow, Odedge, thanks for the extensive feedback.

                            If you're just spectating a bot match and don't have the camera following someone, it zooms out twice as far as when you're playing.
                            If what you're spectating is a bot match on you're own computer, the camera follows where they are aiming as if you were playing. This is ugly over a network, though, if you ever what a player rotate online.

                            Maps for 1.0 should work with this, but if you cooked it with the GameTypesSupportedOnThisMap, then 1.0 would have been compiled intot he map, and these changes won't show up. You'd have to recook it for 1.1.

                            1. I have not been able to replicate your best weapon bug, so I can't fix it. I'll look into it a little bit deeper, though, since you have these real clear instructions.

                            2. I'm am utterly shocked I never noticed this. THANKS! It's not like they float where the guy died, I would have known. I'll have to fix this one.

                            3. The bots have a lot of reasons they fire at you without seeing you. They can hear you or see gunfire (you can too). If I change the camera now, though, that messes up all the maps.

                            I guess I do have a couple of things I can fix now, and a reason for a 1.2. Next release, expect fixed CTF arrows and bots dropping weapons.


                              No problem.

                              Thanks for the clarification. I haven't watch bots, so it was kinda vague to me.

                              I figured the graphical glitch, can be very dependent on video drivers and video card.

                              I understand the problems regarding changing the camera distance and the bots firing at you when they are off-screen. I think these issues involve map design more than anything else.

                              Waterworks is a great map for this mod because it doesn't have long obstructive distances where you can shoot off-screen and possibly hit some one.

                              Keep up the good work and good luck in the contest.