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    This will be cooked for PS3 soon I hope

    so yes i do love you all lol


      just played the "new" final
      what a nice job on lightings
      thx avit m8....


        Originally posted by {BFG}Bl!tz~ View Post
        just played the "new" final
        what a nice job on lightings
        thx avit m8....

        OK, that's good enough for me to go for the download

        ...and thanks for the map bn_avit.


          ohh my pleasure you guys are the reson for me mapping and all the positive comments make me want to make more ++


            Played it. its awsome but wheres the preview image?


              DM-Morpheus PS3 Cooked Download

              The PS3 version of this level cooked and fully tested. The only issue is that I tried using the PreviewMarkupImage that bn_avit has made, but it wasn't fully developed, so it doesn't work. Sorry folks, I tried.

              Anyway, some more good news is I modified the Description a bit and fixed some typos and 1 grammatical error, and I also added the Author name and player count.

              I hope you all enjoy!

              Note: This was cooked with the Canadian Unreal Tournament 3 PS3. It will work perfectly on the American version as well, and it's untested on European / Asian versions.

              Mirror 1: DOWNLOAD

              Mirror 2: DOWNLOAD




                Thanks ronin thats a great help ty

                If the links dont work for some reason i have another link courtesy of Euchreplayer23 (thansk for that m8)


                  morpheus has been one of my favorite maps since '99, thank you for bringing it to UT3



                    Wow. Really really good remake.

                    My first thought was - this is huge, way too big! But the more I played it, the more I loved it. I like what you have done inside the buildings, and you have really made it worth going down there (it was nothing but a spawn location in the original map).

                    Just 2 small complaints.

                    1. The bots are terrible on the map - rarely scoring over 0
                    2. A lot of the little 'bumps' or 'trims' on the floor can stop you or knock you slightly sideways. Easy to avoid I guess, but in the heat of the battle....

                    Still, great job. Pity you are missing a map preview pic though!


                      Yes, a pity for preview pic.

                      I you can put it, this map can onestly go in "Perfect Remakes" category, like DM-Conveyor, DM-TempestX2 and DM-StalwartXL.


                        did i get the right file for pc? DM-Morpheus.rar

                        Do i just put it in the map folder? thanks


                          yeah thats right

                          yeah just out everything in your documents UTgame cookedPC published CUstom maps folder and all will work fine


                            Looks incredible, this was my favorite level on UT99. Awesome work man.



                              great map, the best remake of Morpheus so far IMO. I love the layout, it's just perfect and it even add a couple of extras I like alot too.

                              I can't say I feel this map is perfect though. I'm pretty sure alot of people told you the lower jump-pad made you jump way too high, or maybe it's the buildings that aren't hight enough... I don't know. The other thing, and this one actually annoys me alot, no offense meant, is the skybox. Here's a suggestion, try making the fog black/darker, so that the transition from fog to sky (at the edges of the skybox) isn't soo rough. You can actually make it pratically unnoticeable (which would be the ideal scenario here) Then let me know what you think of it (if you think my suggestion is worth giving it a go now that the FINAL versions are releasd)


                                PS3 Morph?

                                Forgive me, I'm in a hurry...

                                Is there a D/L for Morpheus for UT3 on PS3? Is this the Morpheus from UT2004?

                                I heard there's a Tokara as well somewhere? I'm looking for any of the low g maps-Phobos, Plunge...

                                Thanks you!!