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    another USA mirror here


      Yay it still works with 2.0


        Would be redundant

        Originally posted by Lareden View Post
        That is awesome.

        I actually want a mutator similar, but for voice. If it could just show a speaker/mic icon and the player's name who is talking, in the corner of the screen that would be awesome.
        The icons of players who are using voice chat already flash onto the HUD while they are talking.


          2 things:
          - If a player stands on hoverboard, no icon appears at all while typing.
          - When a player presses the talk key, even though they don't type anything at all for a long time, it remains in typing status with icon.
          Won't it be better if it has a short timeout like many applications that notify people the other one is typing?
          So if the person didn't type for 5 sec the icon disappears and comes back when he types another letter in message?

          Enemies can even see players type their team message, don't know if that's really useful.

          The idea itself is good, I always like to know if players respond, are afk or maybe crashed so never answer.


            Good points This was knocked together in less than a day thereabouts (5 years ago now, heh), so the code (which is included) is pretty simple.
            I haven't got the time to update it, but the source code is all there for anyone who wants to give it a shot; should be fairly easy to fix those issues.