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DM-Silhouette - all custom meshes! [FINAL][PICS][PC][PS3][EDIT]

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    I love this. I pretty much only download stuff with custom content anymore. I tire of seeing the same old meshes, so it's awesome to see this.

    I get that this is a visual design thing, and it works very well at that. *If* you would like it to be a solid deathmatch arena too, some changes would be nice. Illustrated a few below.


      Originally posted by BluPhoeniX View Post

      Also, allow me to clarify ......

      .... The map was primarily made as an interesting environment to view and explore in general - much like the game ICO - and as such was not created soley for death matches. Of course it was released as a death match map, but know that many of the aesthetics and design choices were based on a desire to convey a vision I had in my head and not necessarily a fully cohesive multi player experience. To put it succinctly, this was more an exercise in form over function.

      BluPhoeniX, just back after posting earlier (before download)...

      Your desire to convey a vision is accomplished. I am completely in awe after playing, no playing is the wrong word, exploring and enjoying the atmosphere for a day or so now.

      This picture is all you need say.

      Thanks for the artwork.


        This map looks incredible. I really like the dull foggy look.
        Too bad the tunnel wasn't a bit more visible as when I shot a rocket down it, it lit it up and the walls looked great.
        Not sure how to comment on the flow. To me. there really wasn't much game flow.
        To me, more of a looker than a player.


          Beautiful map, very atmospheric. I know it's supposed to be form over function, but I'd love to see a more gameplay oriented version with plenty of z-axis & close quarters action. And a bright blue sunny skydome with some fast moving white clouds and appropriate wind effects.


            Hey, thanks for all the comments since my last post! Glad most of you are enjoying it.

            Whiskey_7: I am very happy that you enjoy it so - that screenshot is one of my favorites as well. In fact, that view was my original conception of the level and resembles closely one of my first sketches of it.

            Thanks in particular to you for taking the time to take those shots. I am considering re-releasing this map perhaps one more time with more blocking volumes (and with the pillars fixed) to make it at least a bit more DM-friendly.

            It has also come to my attention that has picked up my map, and has in fact seemed to add some powerups as well as take new screenshots:


            As odd as that is, it did also bring to my attention the fact that the included readme file in my .zip seems to be horribly incorrect under the Author Notes section - sorry! I had copied the readme file from someone else's map for the structure of it, and forgot to blank out the actual text! So no, this is not a remake of a UT'99 map, in case any were confused by that.

            Finally, please feel free to use my meshes in your map or a reconfiguration of this map. I know many have expressed an interest in seeing this map laid out in more of a deathmatch style, so I encourage all of you to reuse the 125 meshes I made in all new configurations. I only ask for a meager spot in your credits...


              hi, I tried this map yesterday and must say that it does look good and the layout is OK, but honestly you should take a bit more time for playtesting with bots... I'm usually not picky, but when I noticed that bots have no idea how to find both rocket launcher and sniper rifle, it looks really badly made. I noticed that if you get a sniper rifle and sit down next to it, game literally becomes the equivalent of Mohrhuhn - you can easily fire all 50 bullets, then go down, get more ammo and continue your target practice, because average level bots have no idea how to take you out...
              anyway nice job!


                Hey all, there is now a PS3 cook available thanks to euchreplayer23!


                I'm told it looks even better on the PS3, so give it a whirl if you get the chance...



                  Great map. Looks a lot like the Nightmare stage in SoulCalibur II. Looks great although theres a few hiccups in the frame rate and bot navigation. It's still fun though. Many thanks from a PS3 user!


                    Looks great on PS3 - I love atmospheric maps & this one definitely has atmosphere! If you wanted to make it reminiscent of Ico, I think you've succeeded admirably

                    The sunbeams through the main stained-glass windows along the side, through the dust / fog & the light effects from rifle muzzle flash in the tunnel were very impressive. Not much of a DM player myself so can't really comment that way but I personally liked the layout - the catacombs are great for running the gauntlet or an ambush from the side rooms, and as you said, for using the shock rifle to pick off people on the bridge

                    The only thing I noticed was that bots tend to be able to stand on an invisible platform about three feet above the collapsed floor at the far end of the church, near the link rifle

                    Thanks for allowing this to be cooked for PS3 & making it available - looking forward to seeing more of your work







                        Strange how, just sometimes 3 alphabetical characters say it all.........


                        Check it out. I am still impressed........Looking for the word.......... Ambiance?

                        Still thinking, and back later after my mind clears..... If you can help me out here.

                        Describe this map/experience in ONE WORD Please

                        EDIT purposefully misspelt for and no one picked it up


                          Thank you for your kind words - I am thinking of entering an improved version into the Make Something Unreal contest...


                            Two words for you BluPhoeniX

                            Do it


                              I've been meaning to post and tell you how much I love this map, thanks

                              My only criticism is that the colours are a bit too faded for my liking. However, you make up for that with your sunburst lighting and stuff. That's very well done.


                                yey this is looking very good. Nice work man. How long did it take you to uv map all of this?