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DM-Acquisition [Final!]

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  • DM-Acquisition [Final!]

    Name: DM-Acquisition
    Version: Final
    Compatibility: UT3 v1.2

    Description: A map designed for 1v1 duel games...



    Credits: Raz, T2A, Sabrewu1f, vybz, Cascade, Hourences, Sefyra, h0ok, Drevlin, Iceman, Hazel, Sjosz, zip, Davros, Anuban, Pine, Mr.UglyPants, evilmrfrank, Mozi, MonsOlympus, dub, G.Lecter, stevelois, everyone else at Buf, Epic's forums, #unrealed, Unrealnorth, UnrealNA, Mapcore, UCMP, and anyone else I have forgotten.


    Download from FileFront: (33.39mb)
    Download from Unreal Playground: (33.39mb)
    Download from my FTP: (33.39mb)


    Playstation 3 version coming soon... maybe!

  • #2
    Simply Spectacular!


    • #3
      Thanks SC! Awesome map!


      • #4
        ooo a map from a veteran UT mapper, except in UT3



        • #5
          At last! Another must have to add to my list of maps. Nice work Slainchild.

          /slides Slainchild a beer


          • #6
            It takes a hell of a lot to impressive me, but all I have to say is, beautiful! This is a must have map - flawless layout and fantastic visuals.


            • #7
              Congrats ... I'll definitely play this excellent level which could definitely pass for a retail level when I get a chance ... right now all my time is being gobbled up by GTA IV.


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                Many thanks for the map and to have put my name in the readme, much appreciated. Like I mention in beta stage, I love the layout, lightning, weapons placements and music. Great ! More, the FPS is constant everywhere in the map, super !

                But I'm surprised that it is duel by default instead of 2 vs 2. For me, it was more fun 2 vs 2 in beta stage than 1 vs 1 at this point (3 vs 3 is to much crowded). For feedback, I've play in duel mode.

                Fortunately, I found the same bot behavior that I comment in the beta stage when playing in duel type this time at Experienced level.

                - The bot don't use the small room that give access/view to the 3 area (room to the right in first pic). He don't even try to reach it from any of the 2 easy ways to get in.

                - Bot have difficulty (not always) to jump on the box from the rocket launcher area to go take the two 25 health pack on the upper area. He is easy to kill from a distance.

                - I don't know if the bot pattern can be more diversified/wise but the only thing I have to do is go to that small room and wait for him to pass to kill him from above. His pattern his to obvious.

                Hope that you can fix that and put 2 vs 2 by default instead of 1 vs 1.



                • #9
                  Looks choice!
                  Pulling map down as I write this!

                  Your reputation prceeds you my friend.
                  Never having played one of your levels before (including UT2k4) I'm keen to give it a burl. I'd heard good reports about ya in these forums, and the layout for Xenon was superb!

                  I look forward to playing this map!


                  • #10
                    Nice visuals! I have to download but for the first look, I like the colours and atmosphere.


                    • #11
                      Congrats Slain...


                      • #12
                        cook for ps3 plz


                        • #13
                          damn ... this map looks very nice!

                          Mirror @


                          • #14
                            F'n awesome, that's about all there is to say.


                            • #15
                              I like it. Thank you!