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CTF-Safeguard Version 2

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    CTF-Safeguard Version 2

    PC-DOWNLOAD this is version 2, version 3 (will not overwrite version2) available from my Sig
    Thanks again Anuban for the PS3 cook

    Hi everyone, I've made allot of changes to my map since last release because I just love working on it and making it better, I wasn't going to release it, but I've changed quite a bit to make it better. the changes are quite small though and prob only interest those who want better visuals with it.

    some of the changes include

    I've done quite a bit and am so happy with it now. So there you go guys. Hopefully this gets updated on the servers too.

    • Added meshes to the shield belt room ceiling.
    • Changed meshes used on the belt room windows
    • Changed the Post processing volume to increase contrast from bright and dark areas
    • Increased brightness of some lights
    • Reduced the blue effect of the fog.
    • Increased brightness of alarm lights
    • changed position of the flak cannon
    • Removed the window from the flag room to the main hall stairs
    • Added timer to the alarm so it will not continuously sound
    • Added Udamage
    • Added meshes and changed textures around the centre health
    • changed stair case by flak cannon
    • Re-meshed area under team logo at the main entrance
    • Removed bright lights that did not have light source
    • Added a few meshes here and there
    • Added texture path by rocket and stinger
    • Changed textures/meshes used rarely to a frequently used texture/mesh
    • Fixed being able to fire though one of the entrance windows
    • Updated UI images
    • Fixed some red lights in blue base to blue
    • Re arranged the meshes used by the team coloured grilled doors by the flak cannon.
    • Added cull distance volume to make performance even better
    • Added mesh to left curved entrance floor
    • Added A mega structure to the background to act as the supports that hold the map high in the air
    • Changes the fog so that it does not black out the view when viewing the horizon
    • Added cull distance to allot of the buildings
    A Level for UT3

    General Info

    Title: CTF-SafeGuard


    Author: Bryan Sparksman

    EMail Address:

    Release Date: 2th Mar 08

    Version: 1.2


    The content of this level was taken all from the retail version of UT3, I did modify some materials, but a big thanks to EPIC for putting their content into well sort out groups, I would not have been able to do this if it was not for this level of organization.

    Thanks to "Larathiel eMail" who created this map for UT1, this map was great, and was simple enough to be the very first map I have made.



    Move all files into C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\CustomMaps

    If the directory does not exist, create it manually.

    Type "open CTF- SafeGuard" in the console, or select the level in a multiplayer/instant action game.

    If you find you are seeing low detail meshes when you play. This is not a problem with my map rather a problem with your game setup. I have managed to fix this for myself.
    What I suggest you do, is uninstall, reinstall, patch, and then create the custom maps folder. Next time you play the map, all should look good!

    Copyright / Permissions

    This level is copyright 2008, by Bryan Sparksman.

    Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels without explicit permission from the original author.

    ANY bug fixes, fixes, changes, and tweaks may only be implemented by the author. No other person or party is allowed to release a modified version of this map without the author's permission. Please Email me regarding any changes you require.

    You MAY NOT charge any money for this map or any of its embedded content.

    You MAY distribute this level through any electronic media (internet (web/ftp), FIDO, local BBS, Magazine cover disk etc.), provided you include this file.

    All other trademarks and trade names are properties of their respective owners.

    nice, looks like u removed some lights from the windows and let the sky shine through, and other irrelvant lights thats a big + from me well done, the map looks much better and logical now hehe really looks like a stock map.



      the ground textures here doesnt seem to cross over very well

      and [shot][/shot] kinda stood out to me bottom of the ramp


        Originally posted by woooo View Post
        the ground textures here doesnt seem to cross over very well

        and kinda stood out to me bottom of the ramp
        do you realise that, those textures could not posibly be aligned any better? the one by the stinger is aligned to the grid on the rest of the ground floor and aligned so that the texture detail is below the weapon pick up! I got this idea as it was used the same way in coret and in omicron dawn. what are you on about??? thats not a well thought out comment.

        As for the second one, thats aligned to floor, but it looks that way simply because of the way the U engine renders the UV maps, it makes it seem elevated

        Ahh please remove your post, because that was just wrong and people will get the wrong Idea, what your sugesting by the stinger would require a total change in the texure used...


          Dunno what hes going on about, although id be a little nicer in your response to him.

          ANway, this level looks great. TOtally ****. GOOD JOB!


            pure awesomeness bazzwano! from a mappers point of view, i seriously don't think this could be improved at all. The gameplay rules, it looks bloody beautiful, bots don't seem to have any issues, weapons / armour / powerups are well balanced, and to top it all off the framerates are descent too .

            this is Make-Something-Unreal-winning quality stuff mate. be sure to enter it!


              It looks awesome, but can we play it the same way? I'll DL it


                Bazzwano, Thank you for the version 2 i love mappers like you that keep improving it just for the community. I truly enjoyed your version 1.2 and now im going to upgrade to this version and enjoy it even more. Thank you!!!


                  Originally posted by Hyrage View Post
                  It looks awesome, but can we play it the same way? I'll DL it
                  What do you mean, The layout is the same, its just allot af graphical updates. see the change list.

                  Originally posted by ULTRAMAGNUS001 View Post
                  Bazzwano, Thank you for the version 2 i love mappers like you that keep improving it just for the community. I truly enjoyed your version 1.2 and now im going to upgrade to this version and enjoy it even more. Thank you!!!
                  No problem.. this is quite the update from 1.2 you will love it.


                    Awesome map, Bazzwano. Great lay-out and graphical changes
                    Keep up the good work!!


                      Expecting a PS3 cook man, this has been my favourite CTF map for a quite little while now


                        It looks great dude. I will download it when you cook the ps3 version


                          Map is installed on this Server

                          Name: powered by
                          MoD: ZeroPing Instagib Capture The Flag
                          MapVoting: Yes (BiaVote)
                          Installed Maps: Show Forum Thread here

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                            Many thanks for shearing this version

                            Your map is my preferred CTF map including retail one. The 1.2 version was <a-must-have> and this one is surely <a must-must-have>. I will love it without a doubt since it is a enhanced version of my favorite CTF map.

                            Thanks again

                            EDIT : LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT !


                              Great to here you love it, thats the last update I imageine doing so have fun.. keep and eye out for my next remake