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    Map is installed on this Server

    Name: powered by
    MoD: ZeroPing Instagib Capture The Flag
    MapVoting: Yes (BiaVote)
    Installed Maps: Show Forum Thread here

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      Here is a link to a PS3 cook, done by agreement with dauthi.

      Some small changes:
      I moved 2 door markers so that they could see each other and the paths would build without error.
      I added some missing pickup lights.
      I doubled the number of spawnpoints to get rid of warning on build.



        Originally posted by dauthi View Post
        The fact of the matter is - I dont see the point of doing that when people play games that use quite the amount of bandwidth - I can't really see an issue with trying to view a BMP on a website.
        Never going to look at this map, out of principle. bmp screenshots are dumb. If you made your map like you made your screenshots (lazily) I'm not missing anything.


          I've played this map on the Beach Part's iCTF server. Fun map...look out for the surprise in the map every so often...


            I love this map. It's pretty easy to dominate the other team. First, make sure to get invisible, then take all the health-powerups and then wait to take the Beserk. Then you can rush there spawn with the mini-gun and become a killing machine while your teammates slowly cary the flag to the base.

            Seriously, I love it, the graphics could have been better, but the gameplay is awesome.