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    Compatibility: PC
    Description: A small arena type Capture The Flag map,for *VoM* ( Victoria Ou Muerte). It's Design according to *VoM*: it's an indoor map with lots of action. Wallbounce offer fast, brutal action, while avoiding spawnrape and provinding a classic 3-ways to the flag, with split ups in the middle.

    Designed for the Instagib Community, but it has Weapon Support, playable up to 10 players. designed for 3 vs 3 Instagib
    Features: the map includes a live scoreboard which can count up to 99 Captures.
    Creating this map *VoM* gave me some criteria, fixed design and high performance. I did not have much control in decoration, It's down to a minimum, I couldn't be very creative in that aspect so i spend most time developing a Live Scoreboard within the map to learn more about Kismet

    The next map i'm supplying will be detailed, and is already WIP with middle section completed using a Total of 2200 Static Meshes, It will be released later on.
    Credits: *VoM*Kensei for supplying the map name *VoM*AngelZero for advise and grafitti textures, *VoM*Star for design. Epic Games

    PC Version:

    Version 3: (only fixes utcomp warmup round bug)

    Version 1: (OBSOLETE)


    This ones owns >.> !

    it's really fun to play intern 2v2, 3v3 & 4v4's


      Hmm Picture doesn't draw my interest that well.


        think you could get a better file upload site? like filefront maybe? megaupload seems to hate me...


          Originally posted by UnrealBomber View Post
          Hmm Picture doesn't draw my interest that well.
          it's a gameplay map mostly. The basic architexture doesn't allow a lot o high candy, since he wanted to keep fps high.

          Agree he should have done it with filefront, dunno why this was not done.


            Originally posted by Kensei View Post
            it's a gameplay map mostly. The basic architexture doesn't allow a lot o high candy, since he wanted to keep fps high.

            Agree he should have done it with filefront, dunno why this was not done.
            A gameplay map only?

            Now I've heard that one as well.

            So since you're just supposed to play on it... the looks don't matter right?


              Correction i didn't want to kep fps high :P, you gave me that instruction kensei,i just followed instructions givin to me by you:P, it plays well but i agree the looks could be better that why my next map will be all me

              It's a fun map for competition play


                filefront link , for the few interested


                  Well for this design it still looks ok... dunno what it could have been more without making it look goofy (lego textures...)

                  well anyways we had loads of fun with wallbounce ^^


                    new version of wallbounce to comply with UTcomp, using Utcomp there was a bug which didn't reset the scoreboard when warmup round was over.



                      hope the looks of our next map will attrackt more peeps.. i'm sticking with wallbounce ^^


                        Map is installed on this Server

                        Name: powered by
                        MoD: ZeroPing Instagib Capture The Flag
                        MapVoting: Yes (BiaVote)
                        Installed Maps: Show Forum Thread here

                        || »Vûlçåñø« || Download UT3 Stuff || »RaiDen« Clan (UT2oo4/UT3) || Download UT2oo4 Stuff || »Vûlçåñø« ||


                          In my opinion If you're going to focus on gameplay the Eye Candy also adds to the atmosphere and the fun of the map, such as to hide behind things etc. Eye candy isn't just for looks it can be used to hide behind to block incomming attacks etc.


                            Who said that map with high FPS (and CSG mostly) cannot look good, take a look at low poly mappack. All maps there look great and have great gameplay. All what is required is will to make good looking and playing map. However I understand that sometimes old projects gets boring and mapper want move to greener pastures. It is really tempting to leave map the moment it starts to bore you and start new project, but (from my own experience) moment map starts boring you is moment when you need to learn new things to improve it, so going to new map, and repeating everything you already know is a waste from learning new skills perspective.


                              How you checked our map now ? this map doesn't look worse or better then old bloxed did so.. it's just grey, but has details & effects.

                              + i know the low poly ictf map pack. apart from ultra & turbo all maps look ulgy in there (isn't Duku one of them ? **** ! )

                              next map will look better anyways