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Stock VCTF to CTF Conversions (3 so far...)

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    Stock VCTF to CTF Conversions (3 so far...)

    Name: CTF-Suspense, CTF-Necropolis, CTF-Sandstorm
    Version: Final
    Compatibility: PC/PS3 - 8 to 24 Players (?)
    Description: vCTF maps, but all vehicles removed and Arvils replaced with Bio Guns and bio ammo in the place of avril ammo. I only made these because Suspense was requested on the forums and each one took about 5 minutes of effort... lol.
    Comments: ...
    Screenshot: Suspense Only, feel free to submit more:
    Credits: I'll hand all the credit to EPIC for this one, I really didn't do much except what I mentioned above.

    CTF-Suspense [PC]:
    CTF-Suspense [PS3]:

    CTF-Necropolis [PC]:
    CTF-Necropolis [PS3]:

    CTF-Sandstorm [PC]:
    CTF-Sandstorm [PS3]:

    I apologize for the lack of a readme for installation instructions.

    For PS3 users, just extract the rar file onto a removable media.

    For PC users, I simplified the installation process: extract the file to your "My Documents" Directory.

    I will do the rest of the VCTF maps, post requests if there's one you really can't wait for and I'll do them in the order requested. These 3 seem to be the most played on VCTF servers that I've played on, so I did them first.

    thank you


      Sincere thanks from me ShadeMistress

      I was looking for this one.

      ..... and yes credit to original creator(s) but we needed a no vehicle version IMO


        Hey ShadeMistress, do you know where I might find the info for vCTF-Suspense so I can make an .ini for the CTF version. I mainly would like to know where I might find the preview pic for it.

        Thank you for editing the original and making a CTF version of it.


          I don't honestly know. I was looking all over for an ini file so I could add the same preview pic, but it seems that it's probably inside of some larger ini for all the maps somewhere or something.

          The map itself is in the install directory as such: (C:/Program Files/Unreal Tournament 3/UTGame/CookedPC/Private/Maps)


            Found it.

            It is PreviewImageMarkup=<Images:UI_FrontEnd_Art.MapPics .Map-Pic-vCTF-Suspense>

            Found it in the DefaultGame.ini and UTGame.ini in UTGame/Config


            If it looks like there is a space before a period when you copy and past delete the space. There are no spaces.


              Updated the first post with a couple screens and the PC download now includes an Updated .ini with a preview pic and such.


                thx Shade!

                What woudl be REALLY cool is if Epic had made an option in the game to make ALL vCTF maps playable as CTF by just selecting an option in the settings... it could do exactly what you have done. Remove vehicles, make the game CTF so TL works and swap the Avril for Bio.

                of course like most vCTF maps it wasnt made for CTF so the gameplay is a lil weird BUT the good part is, its suited for those 16+ CTF servers so what would be cool in the meantime is if someone did this for all the vCTF maps...

                thank you Mistress may we have another?!


                  I guess I could convert the rest of them... wouldn't take but a day or two... lol


                    Originally posted by ShadeMistress View Post
                    I guess I could convert the rest of them... wouldn't take but a day or two... lol
                    wouldnt it be easier/faster just to add a "remove vehicles" mod and a mod that allows use of the translocator on any map, instead of remaking all the vctf maps?


                      Not really, since I'd have to write the code from scratch for the mutator. Re-cooking the maps without the vehicles is as easy as searching for UTVehicleFactory and deleting all of them, then finding all UTWeaponFactory actors and changing the Avrils to BioRifles instead. About 5 mins worth of work as opposed the the possible weeks of coding and troubleshooting.


                        Just a little bump to let you all know I went ahead and converted Necropolis and Sandstorm for CTF, since they are the second and third most-played maps I have seen on VCTF servers.

                        I am going to go ahead and convert the rest in my spare time, so if there's one you want right away, let me know here and I will convert them in the order requested here.


                          is Possible to make as Mutator ??

                          like Map converter Mutator for UT2004 ?
                          it make any ONS map to CTF or VCTF
                          so if you can make as Mutator then we can play all VCTF map as CTF game type
                          and maybe you can make WAR Map can play as VCTF or CTF too ?


                            I'm sure a mutator would be possible, that's what we've had in previous games. TBH downloading entire maps again seems a waste of hard drive space.

                            VCTF to CTF should be pretty simple, as should CTF/VCTF to DM/TDM. WAR would probably be different, as there's Kismet on those maps. Though it may be possible to replace the primary nodes with flag bases and ignore the kismet, as it's [usually?] only called under certain conditions on WAR maps.

                            I'm not offering to do this mind, I've not touched that side of UT3 and don't plan too


                              This is so cool , Thanks a lot S.M. !!!