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    Name: CTF-Ranel

    Version: 1.0

    Compatibility: 1.2

    Description: A remake of the UT99 map CTF-Ranel for Unreal Tournament 3 originally created by David DAVIDM Munnich.


    Credits Thanks to VoodooFox for all the tech help ,without his help this map would have taken much longer to release. Thanks to Azzurro and VoodooFox for testing the map when needed .


    PC Version

    PS3 Version

    framedrops in redbase, blue have an advantage, hope you can fix it.

    i had great games on the ut99-map, hope here too

    keep up the work!


      nice looking remake


        Looks like a pretty cool CTF remake, Ill give it a spin and be right back with a review.

        Edit- As usual, I play on the three difficulties. Novice, Skilled, and Godlike. Usually because some bots dont like to behave on easy maps. But let me tell you, On the easiest setting, the bots behave like they should in a map like this. So there must be alot of both pathing on this map.

        I played a 5 on 5 match twice, and diddnt notice a single Drop in Frame Rate. Its a smooth, well designed remake, and its a ton of fun.

        I diddnt see the Advantage Donzi was talking about in this map. But then again, im using the PS3 version, so if he is talking about the Framerate being a disadvantage, know what to do Donzi.

        Anyways, I have alot of fun with this map. I wish I can go into a more elaborate detail but its just that fun.

        PS3 Users, if this map is not on your system, you are missing out on some great fun!


          Originally posted by Nagis View Post
          PS3 Users, if this map is not on your system, you are missing out on some great fun!
          Second that Love the layout - like Nagis said, can't really describe it, other than to say it's just fun! Play it with a higher number of bots & a slightly higher difficulty & things get manic I also didn't notice any framerate drops on the PS3, just played smoothly & looks great. Looks like you've put a lot of thought into weapon & power-up placement - the health packs along the sides are useful on the trip back to your base with the flag, & you usually need the ones by the flag once you get there. Rocket launchers at the end of the ramp also ensure you're not caught on the hop for base defense with Enforcers Link guns under the ramp for a bit of chaining is also a nice touch

          Never played the original, but would have to concur that this is an excellent remake, great job & hope to see more work of this standard from you Thanks for taking the time to cook for the PS3


            This map is a really fun, good looking map. I like how there is health right by the flag, so you can fill up for the trip back instead of grabbing the flag and dying from one enforcer shot. Then you can go down the hallways and wall dodge all the way back to avoid enemy shots. The way you laid the map out just feels really good IMO, thanks for this map!


              Originally posted by Donzi View Post
              framedrops in redbase, blue have an advantage, hope you can fix it.!

              Donzi can you PM me some details on the problem your having and state if this is PC or PS3 version as i cant find any problems on either platform as of yet and i`ve tested on 3 different PS3`s and 3 different PC`s BUT will try it on a lower spec PC later today.


                you have a pm


                  Map is installed on this Server

                  Name: powered by
                  MoD: ZeroPing Instagib Capture The Flag
                  MapVoting: Yes (BiaVote)
                  Installed Maps: Show Forum Thread here
                  Map Alternative Download: CTF-Ranel

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                    thank you for another fun CTF map to play!!

                    I played this a couple times online the other nite... works well and looks really good. felt alot like the orginal which i always liked... the only thing that was a drawback (and maybe its just the few times i played it) but the floor and wall textures in alot of places kind of blend into eachother in a way that makes it a bit dificult to see where the floor ends and the wall begins, so when youre running and gunning, its a bit tough to maneuver (if you get what i mean - your first 2 screenshots show a bit of how similar the wall&floor textures are) but other than that, very nice work! i know im going to have fun playing this one again - thx!


                      Simplistic visuals.

                      Good stuff.