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CTF-Bogwar [pics][pc+ps3][vid]

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    CTF-Bogwar [pics][pc+ps3][vid]

    Name: CTF-Bogwar

    Version: final

    Compatibility: PC+PS3

    Description: A midsize ctf map which has a terrain level plus a drain level underneath. i think it suits best for 10-12 players possibly more. *contains some adult material*

    Comments: I released a couple of beta's of this map but had no feedback and not alot of intrest so i was considering not bothering with it any more, but just to put a line through it so to speak i decided to do the final release.

    I've changed things so many times in this map and tried to fix all bugs and issues apparent to me and i think i have but would have been nice to have other perspectives on it

    changes from the beta2 version:

    Improved AI
    sound tweaks
    improved lighting
    fixed bug: shock rifle beams visable through drain ceiling and terrain bumps.
    added music

    Screenshot: (click for resized)

    A drain tunnel

    Base exterior

    Base ground floor

    Drain centre section

    Terrain ground level

    Terrain overview


    Just a small clip of me playing some noob bots to give some idea of the gameplay.




    I just checked it out. Nice map. I find that the tiles in the flag room dont really go well with the overall map though. Maybe more pipes, a little low laying fog and concrete walls would have suited it better. Just my opinion. Overall its pretty good. Runs fine. Nice framerates.


      Like it! The only thing I think it could possibly do with would be the addition of the blue & red arrows in the tunnels pointing the way to the enemy base, but that's just me. Lot of fun, runs very nicely on the PS3, looks great & the adult material on the walls in the khazi is hilarious Great work, thanks for taking the time to cook for the PS3


        Whats the name of the song in your video for this map? Kinda reminds me of a song from a war scene from like Lord of the Rings or something like that.


          Thanks for your replies they are really appreciated

          i started the map with the bases being my first thought and the idea of going with a tiled effect with team colours. think your way would have looked nice as well Sin just as you said personnel preference which is why i'd have loved more response on the beta's but nevermind.

          I went with coloured pipe work in the drains to try and keep within the theme, admittedly they are not great for the sense of direction but the routes are pretty limited . thanks for you comments though Feiser.

          the Music in the vid is by Craig Armstrong called Escape. (excellent piece of music for dramatic effect)


            Originally posted by Proddeh View Post
            I went with coloured pipe work in the drains to try and keep within the theme, admittedly they are not great for the sense of direction but the routes are pretty limited . thanks for you comments though Feiser.
            Really can't believe I didn't notice that - what a muppet! Actually I like your way better, forget everything I said


              Dont know how I missed the beta. I like the layout. But the map is acting weird in game, running around outside makes my hud go crazy, showing weird stuff. Dont know if its patch related (didnt happen to other maps), corrupt file or maybe something in the map, even maybe my game. But its freaking me out.


                I Freaking LOL'd at the Adult Humor, that was wonderful! Bravo!

                You sir win one internet for humor.

                Anyways, I like the flow of this map, I kinda got a little lost in the sewers, but its nothing that a few practice rounds wont do. Nice map, and keep up the good work

                Only thing I dont like about the map is the drop into the sewers hurts you a little bit...*Shrugs* Ah well, Its liveable


                  I'm not sure what would be causing that problem Duke i just cleared my cache and tried installing the one from filefront and am getting no problems what so ever so i'm a bit lost

                  thanks for the comments Nagis * tip on the sewers, long jumps from the buildings will hurt regardless but the 4 tubes with no jump pads have a lower gravity in them so you can fall down unharmed


                    Proddeh, just wanted to let you know that Ill be using your map in a Frag video im planning on making sometime in the following week. Best of all, It will be in HD. Straight off of my TV from the PS3 version.

                    My Uncle has a TV Recording device and I used to make Lets Play videos, Ill use the same equipment into making a frag video sometime in a week or so.

                    I Really enjoy this map. Alot.


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                        That sounds cool Nagis i look forward to watching it , i'm just happy that some people enjoy playing it, makes it feel it wasn't a waste of time making it.

                        thanks for hosting Vulcano.


                          PC download Link is not working correctly. By the way.