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VCTF-Aggressive Alleys 3 [PC] [PS3] - all new MSU versions 9th May 2009

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    VCTF-Aggressive Alleys 3 [PC] [PS3] - all new MSU versions 9th May 2009

    Aggressive Alleys 3

    New, updated for MSUC Phase 3. Please download them!

    PS3 versions SOON.








    Original, non-MSU PC downloads. Please don't use these anymore, they're only linked for Completists:
    Map Raider WET
    Map Raider HOT

    FPS Banana WET
    FPS Banana HOT

    WET MSU - released 9th May 2009. PC and PS3 versions available.

    HOT MSU - released 9th May 2009. PC and PS3 versions available.

    XMAS MSU - released 9th May 2009. PC and PS3 versions available.

    WET MSU - Final
    HOT MSU - Final
    XM MSU - Final, ME version fixes musical problems

    Works fine with 2.1

    Fully supported.

    Lowered visibility for each map in consideration of the fog and heavy rain / snow.

    An urban map, with two facing opposition. Each variant contains a different look / style, as well as different vehicle and item placements.

    WET - Night time. Lots of rain and lightning. Both teams have Axon vehicles. Each team has a Double Damage and Redeemer. MSU fixes an exploit, and significantly improves lightning - more frequent, and more exciting! Black deployables added.

    HOT - Day time. As the sun scorches the Earth, the Necris have infected the Blue base. Red have Axon vehicles, Blue have Necris. One central Redeemer. MSU changes the heat distortion, and fixes a few tentacles. Black deployables added.

    XMAS - As XMas falls on Aggressive Alleys, the seasonal slaughter begins. Weapon placement same as WET, with additional Redeemer on top of the tree and two (yes two) Beserks in the middles. Just for fun Black deployables added.

    Inspired by a personal favourite UT2004 map. Not exactly a remake as a lot has changed, but you can certainly see a lot of the original in it.

    I've decided to release a few versions of this map. If you like one, please give the others a go, they're all different to play.

    To start with there's the original WET version, which is set at night time in a storm.

    HOT has quite a different flow to it, with different weapons, vehicles and items. HOT is set during the day, with twin suns and the Necris infecting the Blue base.

    XMAS is more fun, with no regards to performance. A few extra powerups and a big **** Xmas tree in the center. And a LOT of snow

    I've tried to build it to the same standard as the Epic maps, I guess time will tell. I've chucked quite a lot in to each version - lightning, there's a few custom textures, extensive material alteration. Hopefully it's also highly playable map!

    The flag bases are off limits to vehicles, and tank spamming blocked





    Firstly, Hobi-Wan who designed the original Aggressive Alleys for UT2004. It is a favourite map of mine, and a clear inspiration in my design.

    Also thanks to BigDog's map WAR-SnakeBite which gave me some ideas for lightning (

    Thanks to everyone who Beta tested. John Parry was great in testing on the PS3, surprising me when he said it actually worked

    Hyrage and Cosmix were very helpful - of pics showing graphical problems I'd overlooked, bot path fixes, etc. It's this extra attention to detail that counts. Most importantly, their testing helped plug any exploits. Also thanks go to Feaisar32 and Sensation. Thanks guys!

    Special mention to CVROY. He's been an immense help on this map. He's beta tested on his server, and if it wasn't for him, this map wouldn't have worked online. He provided detailed analysis at every stage, pointing out problem areas graphically, More importantly, he played the map and let me knew what needed to be changed. He's to thank for the idea of blocking vehicles to the base, he had a way to prevent the tank spamming the base, and he just knew what the level needed. Absolutely essential input, the map wouldn't be half as good if it was not for him. Many thanks mate!

    Please join his server at

    If someone could confirm the PS3 version works, that would be great, thanks


      PS3 version does not work. Sorry, that made me sad, too.

      It will get to the screen that says, "Begin Mission?" and then I hit yes. However, it just goes back to the game options screen instead of forward to the loading map screen. Never encountered this glitch before... Strange. Oh well, not your fault.


        Well actually there were a couple of other maps that this happened to but it was something with the cook. The ps3 imports it and sees it just wont start it. I forget how they fixed it but maybe something just went wrong with the cooking. Maybe another go will be the trick.


          Thank you for the map.


            Well some mods are just not going to work on the PS3 without a ton of modifications and testing ... it could take a lot of time. You have some custom textures and you said you altered the materials extensively so it may have something to do with that. The PS3 may not have enough memory for this map ... there are a lot of places to look and unless you have a PS3 it is really hard to address. As Mark Rein said not every PC mod is going to work on the PS3, this may be one of those. If you would like me to take a crack at it then pm me and we can talk. This is really cool VCTF level ... would be nice to have it available as an option for the PS3 version if possible and you want to continue trying to make it work.


              I was hoping that in the final release, it would run better on my computer, but it actually runs worse. It's a very demanding map. I can run all the Epic maps no problem, but not this. I'm looking foward to the day version.


                Yeah I kinda went a bit mad on shaders. There will be a day version before the end of the week, whch will hopefully solve any performance issues.

                I done a PS3 cook a few days ago for someone to test, and that worked fine, so I'll re-cook and upload shortly.


                  OK new PS3 version online, again you'll have to let me know.



                    Love the map. To bad the bots don't go for "hidden" powerups...

                    High-res screeny:



                      i'm gonna test in right away


                        It works on the PS3 now. Takes a while for the map to load though, haha. Also, it causes some freaky effects when using custom characters as bots, but maybe that's just me. I like your map, it has a lot of different things going on at all angles. I also like the set up of the vehicle area, lotsa carnage. XD


                          Only had time so far for a quick play through, but the PS3 version works fine for me too. Concur that it takes a little while to load up but that's hardly a problem. Had one brief freeze (less than a second) but haven't been able to replicate so far

                          Love the way it looks - the thunder & pouring rain give the map a great atmospheric feel. I'll be playing it more intensively later on so will rate & comment more then, but first impressions are excellent - great work, thanks for cooking for PS3


                            This map is nicely done and you took the AggresiveAlleys theme to something new. This is not only a conversion. The map is based on WAR-Downtown in some areas, which is not a criticism. I really have fun playing against bots and botpathing is also well done, unless it seems they dont know the way to the raptor(?). Im not sure if this map was in Beta section but I also found some issues, where you can fly with Raptor into materials and hide for camping. There is a lot of rain and sometimes its hard to locate far away enemys but I like that because its much harder to snipe along the open frontages. All in all an awesome work!


                              Played on the ps3. Game play is awesome. Frantic and intense. The ps3 has a little bit of issues with the loading textures, too many I guess so they sometimes stay a little blurry and dont fully load, but even then its not a huge deal because the map is great.