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[Final - Pictures - Download PC]: DM-Cubes 'n Stairs [1.0]

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    [Final - Pictures - Download PC]: DM-Cubes 'n Stairs [1.0]

    Name: DM-Cubes 'n Stairs
    Version: 1.0
    Compatibility: UT3 1.2
    Description: My very first map ever! Please leave me some comments. Let me know what could be done better.
    Comments: Hmmm, please don't be too hard on me?
    Screenshot: [img=]
    Credits: Me for the design and Epic for all the materials and static meshes.
    Video: <- Credits go to JelleRogermees!

    Please download and play the map.
    Let me know what you think of it!

    VERSION 0.91:
    Redone some of the lighting so the level should be less dark now.

    Version 0.92:
    Changed the stairs a bit so there is a larger platform on top of them.

    Version 0.93:
    Added a few static meshes and lights to make the environment a little bit prettier.

    Since I don't get any comments on my map anymore, I decided to declare this one final.
    Hope you guys have fun with it!

    If anyone wants to cook it for PS3, please PM me. I don't know how to do that...

    The graphics looks good, the concept off the map looks pretty basic, but that's logical with a first map.

    it looks like a decent map, dl ^^


      Hmm... those screenshots look identical Would you mind posting two others that aren't the same?


        This is actually quite good for a first map. I remember my first map, not nearly as detailed but quite fun :P Good job. btw, are the screenshots identical by accident? two different screenshots would be nice.


          I'm very sorry for the identical screenshots...
          Will upload a different one soon as possible!
          Tnx for noticing it!

          Done! Uploaded a new pic (2nd link...)