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    Hi sunnynight, glad you like the map and thanks for keeping it on a server.
    As FreakinMeany said make sure you have the latest patches/bonus packs first. If I recall correctly I released the map before the Titan Pack release but it might be that the Titan Pack updated some of the original game files.

    I don't know what is causing that mismatch, I didn't edit the music in any way. It's strange that it happens only on the first match, did you see this behaviour happening in other maps on your server?

    Aside from the file size could you check if the Last Modified date is the same, and if you are familiar with it if also the MD5 hash is the same?


      This remake is likely performed (never tried the originals as well) with better details, lighting, weapon/item placement and sounds. Also, it has been added lifts throughout the game. Outer space skybox is kinda faithful with the Earth, rings, red thing and wind; be in mind that this map would be slow FPS if you have older rigs. Bots are tough and my team would be defensive strategy in that case. If you don't like this map that holds FPS issues, don't download it, if you wish.

      Other mirrors to work (PC):

      PS: @sunnynight: Patch 2.1/Titan Pack is extremely recommended. Also, the default music file "A_Music_Forgone" is created by Epic and should never been modified.


        Woot Woot

        Now I remember these kind of maps and I believe I still have at least 2-3 of them installed among the UT series games. Didn't notice any FPS problems or music mismatch problems and never liked instagib. But the flak cannon spamming is a blast in this one. 2on2 is perfect, but make sure you know who's defending and who's CTFing on your team. The bots are decent and liked the music choice, lighting/shadows, details, weapon placement and the general space atmosphere with tech/Necris theme. Yes, it's a spamfest but fun!