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DM-TheConveyor_RC3 *Updated 3/28/08* [PS3][PC][Pics]

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    Rapidshare blows, no.

    And yeah I thought I had all the bugs ironed out (nobody really pointed out any bugs to me in the BETA forum either so I thought I was good to go).


      I would have pointed out issues earlier, but my video card died and I couldn't playtest anything. :/


        Well I guess what's done is done then. I will keep fixing little boo-boos until the map is perfect. And whoa I finally found a static mesh that doesn't have an open end to it.



          At this point I really can't think of anything else that /needs/ to be done, only some miniscule things I could suggest, but nothing important.

          1. Looking to the 'outside' area from the far sides of the forcefield, you can see through to the skybox and the edge of a floating building.
          2. You can see the edges of the large forcefields sticking out past the corners of the trim mesh.
          3. The hole that's cut out for the conveyor to pass through isn't lined up properly with its edges.