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DM-Alpine & VCTF-Alpine by genthly - welcome to the Alps! PS3 D/L available!!

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    Hey guys genthly has post his maps at mapraider enjoy :


    dm alpine :

    vctf alpine :


      Thanks for the awesome map,added to server.GJ


        hahahahaha im such an idiot, i downloaded it last night and i got it and was pumped, but my game would not read it. i got so excited for the map I forgot to check if i downloaded the Ps3 version. hahaha I guess i wait, can't though, but have to. Just thought i would share that.


          DM type feedback

          Well, I've play the DM type. I must say that it is VERY impressive

          Everything mix really good together. I must say thank you to provide us one of the best custom DM map so far. It's a very fine map and highly enjoyable. I like everything ; layout, mood, weapon placement, lightning, originality, name it !

          The ONLY thing that is bothering me, and some have already mention it, is that the default music volume is much to loud. This is the only map that I've plays that I have to lower the volume every time I load this map. It is not extremely loud but it is to loud when you play several maps in a row. The overall volume could be adjust to be a little bit lower. So it will better match all the rest of the maps out there including retail one.

          A last thing, IMHO I found that the music in general is good but the music inside the cavern is more convenient for the mood of your map. Not that the other tracks (inside the 2 houses) are bad but it fits less well with the mood. I think that if you can put the same music genre everywhere with different tracks it will better fit the mood in general.

          At last, just to let you know that with this kind of system, your getting very low FPS (10 - 20 in av) :

          Athlon64 3700+ (OC to 2.42 GHz)
          1 GB RAM DDR400 DC (OC to 440)
          GF 7800GT (OC)
          WinXP Pro SP2
          UT3 1.2 with some optimizations
          1024 * 768 * 32 bits with all settings to max

          A BIG BIG THX for that awesome map

          PS: Yes, I think that Epic should hire you


            WOA almost made a big mistake lol! this map looks great cant wait to try it out!


              VCTF type feedback

              I just try the VCTF savour. I noticed a couple of changes. Overall, it is a solid savour. It is indeed very different.

              It is not a complain and only my personal taste. Even if I like the VCTF type, I prefer CTF over VCTF. Since there is only 1 type of vehicle available, IMHO, I think that this map could be better if it was CTF type.

              Anyway, THX a lot for your effort !


                This map is just simply amazing. Get's me in the mood for skiing ^^ I love you. 10/10


                  Graphics are good and that's the only positive thing I have to say about this map. The music is WAY to loud, map-layout sucks, especially the DM interiour and framerate is way to low... Don't like this map one bit.

                  PS: Remember, just one guys opinion.


                    Originally posted by $n[p3r
                    Not very helpfull though. What ever happened to constructive critisism?

                    By the way, thanks for making a VCTF version of this map. That is the primary gametype I play and the majority of the maps coming out are DM. Keep them coming.

                    I'll check it out later.
                    I am entitled to my opinion. Constructive critisism, I always give that when I like the map. There is nothing constructive I can say that will change his view on how the map should be or not.


                      Originally posted by JelleRogermees View Post
                      I am entitled to my opinion.
                      Yes, but you're not entitled to post it when it means breaking the forum rules.


                        Originally posted by Setheran View Post
                        Yes, but you're not entitled to post it when it means breaking the forum rules.
                        I am just giving my honest opinion. The way I feel about this map.

                        And I clearly sad "PS: Remember, this is just one guys opinion".
                        Doesn't that say that he shouldn't think to much of it?


                          Hey guys don't fight

                          It's ok, it was JelleRogermees's opinion - someday i'll get over it

                          But you can take a look at my new project which i started this morning


                            looking d/l worhty


                              I'd love to download, but RapidShare wants me to wait 45 minutes. Can you upload it somewhere else, like FileFront?

                              Edit: I refreshed the page, and now it wants me to wait over 2 hours


                                Originally posted by genthly View Post

                                But you can take a look at my new project which i started this morning

                                ............look nice and thx for :

                                "peace & good work"