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    Credits: Myself and Epic, also nomadicus AnubanUT, GreenDay, DGUnreal, and any others (let me know if I left ya out) that have helped me out with their feedback, suggestions, and help with issues that have come up. This never woulda gotten done without the kickarse peeps in this community that helped me out.

    Don't let the preview pic fool you... see below...

    Please make sure to extract the entire .RAR file to your "My Documents" Directory!!! See details in the README Included.

    DOWNLOAD Final Version 1.0: (PC Only, PS3 cook does not work, sadly)


    A few decades ago, a couple of pyramids were found in a canyon on a far off world. Not only did this intrigue Axon scientists, but when they found that the pyramids' style and surrounding materials were similar to structures on Earth and they dated back to approximately the same era, they were awe-struck.

    Much equipment began to be moved in and two rudimentary structures were built on either side of the trio of pyramids to act as foundations for larger research stations.

    Unfortunately, shortly after much of the equipment for building and basic research was moved in, Axon was forced to turn it's attention to the Skarjj threat and the project was abandoned.

    By the time that conflict ended, so had the memory of the canyon been forgotten.

    Recently, the Liandri Corp had found this same canyon and logically figured that it would be a terrific layout for their vehicle competitions.

    Welcome to the Valley of Death, enjoy your slay....



    I have officially reached the UED limit on static mesh actors AND pathnodes. 8000 seems to be the magical number that "you shall not pass!!!" else it corrupts the map file when building... at least for me anyway.

    So, with that said, I re-vamped a LOT of things in the map.

    The particle systems were re-done.

    The sky was changed.

    Lighting was completely re-worked and looks pretty cool.

    Terrain and Rock materials are MUCH more detailed and there is much more contrast to them, they no longer look like plastic (unless your world detail is really low, in which case it washes out the normal and spec mapping a lot).

    Added more pickups and jump pads.

    THE SPIKES ARE OFF AT ALL TIMES ON THE "DeathValley" NODE SETUP, as the center node is linked to all primes on that layout.

    I will probably not be going any further with this particular map. I actually had to remove some things to stop the data corruption.

    Happily, the bot pathing works rather well and this map can easily support 64 players if need be.


    wow finally finished !!!

    yay first downloading !


      From a visual standpoint, the terrain is very simple. Huge smooth spires with little detail and no texture differentiation. Lots of tiling, especially on the hillsides and the pyramid. Gameplay may be more important, but visuals are still vital.


        Where'd you get the Egyptian Meshes?


          There's only the 2 meshes that are Egyptian.

          The lower-poly sphynx on the mountain side, which I snagged an unfinished model of a lion I made a long time ago and modified to look like a sphynx. It really looks like **** close-up because I forgot to unwrap it an the texture is just stretched over it. Also, if you grab a Raptor and go way up close to it, you can see that the back end is horribly low-poly. That's why it's in the background... most of the time, I forget it's even there, lol.

          Then, the Anubis statues above the doorways on the main pyramid I actually made as a self-training in Blender's sculpting tools. I used another 3d model to render some shots, then built my own as close to that one as I could. It also suffers from a lack of UV mapping, but it's less obvious with all the detail. (around 20,000 polys)

          The other one I based it off of was too detailed (around 70,000 polys) or I'd have probably got the author's permission and used that one, cuz it's hella good and has really nice textures with it.

          The cow skull was my first attempt at sculpting in Blender with only a few resource photos and drawings to go on. It also suffers from the No UV problem, but since I made it pretty much just a flat, off-white, I didn't think it mattered.


            congrats on getting this done Shade, this is a very cool and nicely made map. Hopefully custom maps start making their way into online play. There are servers with custom maps but it seems redirect scares people away...


              Dude that map lags so much! I think it shouldnt! I tryied to slove the lag problem and dont have any clue.

              First of all its to big - I was driving to nodes longer than capturing them... -.- Casctus (?) are blocking the way, what is not cool... I tryied to jump in Scorpion from rocks around the map, but all of them was blocking me!


                Dunno what to say about the lag, I took those screens at 1024x768 and maxed World and Texture detail, with 31 bots on my worst computer (AMD Sempron 2 GHz, 2 GB DDR 3200, GeForce FX 7600 GT, basically the absolute minimum requirements), and barely got any lag (usually right outside the bases where the brush is most dense it hangs for a second as it renders all the meshes).

                Also, the map is designed for 64 players, so yes it is really large.

                The cacti and rocks are supposed to be blocking the paths. Originally there was very little cover and I'll tell ya, it sucked bad. Most of the time you were just driving a straight line across very flat terrain and almost all of the combat consisted of very long range hitscan weapons (Shock, Sniper, and Stinger were pretty much the only useful items then).

                Also, the bots really don't make full use of deployables and don't really take advantage of the fact that Aerial combat is a major part of the gameplay. There's a total of 8 flying vehicles and I rarely see a bot taking advantage of that. A team with all 3 Cicadas can really tear up the core fast.

                One other thing is the use of Jump Boots, there's a lot of them (as well as a LOT of other pickups for people that are inclined to search in out of the way places) and they can really change the way the game is played.

                I tried this out at a lan (previous setup without as many jump pads) and we had only 24 people, but it was really intense.

                If you want the most hectic layout, I believe it's called "RagingSands", that has only the one prime node for each team. That tends to make the bots really aggressive since one core or both is always vulnerable.

                All in all, it's a matter of preference. I kinda like the way it turned out and this was more of a learning tool for me than anything else (it's my first Warfare map, first time making the power core explosions, the first map I've released as more than a Beta with vehicles, and the first map that I included custom content in other than just materials). So, hopefully, I can apply everything I learned here to my next project and make a much more "pro" Warfare map.


                  Good work on the new meshes.


                    Very nice map!

                    Had a crahs on it though, in the main base when 1 bot took the "other" flying thing (not the raptor), and flew away just before I got to enter the vehicle, and I look up and the game/computer crahsed.

                    I have 2xGB 800 MHz Ram, 512 MB Nvidia 8600 GTS and a nice Q6600.


                      I played Dune ( DeathValley ) and I wasn't able to acces the center ( Fury ) node? How can you finish the match if you can't acces the node in the middle???


                        I actually just saw that bug today... I will fix it in a day or so. Dunno why this version didn't build geometry correctly, it was fine in the Beta... I looked at the pyramids in the editor and all seems fine, but after cooking the halls just vanish... very strange. I'll just re-construct that whole pyramid, no biggie, just will take me a couple days, sorry for the wait.


                          I wish it go on PS3...Looks like alot of fun.


                            Thanks for the map ShadeMistress and taking the time to fix it

                            I enjoyed a couple of hours on your world on the weekend.

                            Nice work, even the skull.

                            Looking forward to more from you too.


                              WAOOO really a nice map for vehicle battles
                              thx for good work^^