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    thanks for the link sanchez that other site kraps out on me for some reason


      If you want the truth

      Originally posted by feisar32 View Post
      Great map, fast paced & frantic in IA against bots, look forward to playing against other gamers on it Only problem I noticed was a tendency for stuff in the distance to look a little blurred, for example stuff on opposite sides of the bridge containing the node. Same when using the DarkWalker & the perspective zooms in when firing the main cannons. It was intermittent, though, might have been my PS3 Other than that, a highly enjoyable map - not that many Warfare mods out there so new ones are always welcome. Thanks for making it available
      If you want the truth I did it on purpose (the blurring) to give a really interesting effect.


        Originally posted by euchreplayer23 View Post
        Your homepage link is not working for the PS3 on your home website you provided. Map looks though can't wait to try it!
        I took my website down because I didn't really need it right now. Just gimme some places you want me to host my maps.


          Can you please post the PS3 File? If not do you mind if I host it on my website to serve PS3 Warfare players? Thanks! Some of us have the file and will still play with it but I want more people to battle us on this great map! Thanks!