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DM-TrainingDay][-[PS3 Version just added!!][PC and PS3]

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    DM-TrainingDay][-[PS3 Version just added!!][PC and PS3]

    DM-Training Day ][

    This one looks very different to the original, that's why i choose to name it TrainingDay][ instead of just TrainingDay, cause really, the only thing that shares with the original is the layout. By the way, kudos for Epic and the guy who made the first one.

    The corridors are more in the way of UT and UT3, tight but not enclosed, so that thing remain IN YOUR FACE

    The funny thing about this map, is that i did it while i was waiting for feedback on my other project DM-Liandri, and this one has a higher level of polish

    The center room looks a lot red cause there is lava in there! things are supposed to be HOT and bright




    PC DOWNLOAD DM-TrainingDay][.RAR

    PS3 DOWNLOAD DM-TrainingDay][.RAR



    Me (Samuel Mendez) (aka Ignotium @Epic Boards) (aka StraTooS @Beyond Unreal Boards)

    AnubanUT2>Ps3 cook, thx

    i love this map! big thanks!


      yay !!! finally !!!!!!

      I been playing beta version long time ...
      this is Happy moment for me
      thank you !


        Same here. Another awesome map!


          I don't like this map, i've got headache from this colors, ever time i started. U mind keep the volume down?


            Two great releases from you....RESPECT FOR YOU!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!


              Awesome .... you can almost feel the heat in the mid section
              Thx for an awesome "IN YER FACE" map.


                Originally posted by Ayumi View Post
                I don't like this map, i've got headache from this colors, ever time i started. U mind keep the volume down?
                U mind explaining yourself?


                  This map is SOOOO beatifull!

                  Check out this screenshot:



                    I've really enjoy playing this map.

                    Really perfect for 1-on-1 fight.

                    I've try with 2-3-4 players (including me) with bots and it's insane. Keep alive only for few seconds lolll. For me, the 1on1 (Duel) provide the best fun !

                    There is some little things that I notice after a couple of match. IMHO, I think that it would be better if :

                    1 - If we could have a little bit more health pickup (1 or 2 25 health pickup).
                    2 - The lava looks a little low-poly compared to the rest of the level.
                    3 - For the map naming, I would suggest to had the 1on1 prefix like in UT99/200x. It should get rid all the problem related to the naming. For example :


                    Many thx and keep the good work


                      The PS3 version is perfect man ... let me know if you decide you want to make the PS3 version publicly available and as always I will send you a link for it.


                        Very nice recreation.


                          Originally posted by DazJW View Post
                          Very nice recreation.
                          thx a lot man, i also think is quite faithful to the original, but a little tighter to fit UT3.

                          BUMPed to note the inclusion of the PS3 link, thx anuban


                            Very nice map. I like the old fast, tight layout with the great updated visual design. Runs great on PS3. Thank you!


                              Great little map !
                              Parfect for duels.

                              I just noticed a little bug.
                              The environment sound constantly switches on and off abruptly when walking through the side walkways.
                              It's the only one i found. Otherwise the map is perfect.