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DM-Liandri [PC Only ATM] [FINALLY FFS!]

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    DM-Liandri [PC Only ATM] [FINALLY FFS!]


    Huge Panoramic by Qx9 CLICK HERE


    NOTE0:Ok, so i recognize that it has been a long time since the beta testing ans such, and i also recognize that i pretty much ******* it up with the name calling the final beta just "Liandri" "rookie mistake" comes to my mind. There is NOTHING new in this version, this is basically a "thread port" from the BETA releases to the Full releases, not that i didn't work on the map, hella i did! i made a new floor and a couple more things, but then my game/editor combo started to bust my testicles loading the older version and ignoring my changes, and that PLUS the screw up with the name, forced me to just release the previous beta version, wich NOTE that was already finished, i just wanted to rerereretest it cause i was TOO OBSESSED with that project.There shouldn't be ANY troubles when it comes to compatibility, so please, pardon my delay and ****ness, and enjoy this level, Love you all
    NOTE1: Detailed credits and thanks will be included in the final release, i don't want to update it with every BETA update, so don't feel *****ed if you don't get mentioned just yet


    Screen Shots

    all the screen shots look a lot darker than what it actually is, so don't be fooled


    Meaningful Testers:



    -Incresed the size of the UDamage section to allow more movement and reachability/freedom
    -Fixed random issues
    -Added a couple ambience sounds

    -Disabled the Kismet array scrpit for the redeemer/monitors
    -Fixed some collision issues
    -Followed some advices
    -Fixed/Scaled up the Damage Amp area

    -Addressed even more collision issues (sigh)
    -Changed the preview picture for good
    -Added little Kismet vudu
    -Floor texture is back!
    -Added a couple post process effects

    IMPORTANT-The texturing from the center hall was changed cause it felt too industrial/old/corrosion and i wanted a more "techy" liandri feeling (hope you like it, cause i do)
    -Third Floor moved down like 96UU
    -Wich cause the Elevator's second floor to also move down to the center between the level's third and second floor
    -Elevators walls changed
    -Roof lowered a bit
    -Adding some monitors (deco)
    -Retouched lighting (again???)
    -Adding a couple PostProcess volumes for ambience
    -Some collision fixes
    And that's pretty much all

    -Elevator/Lift completely Fixed, now works flawlessly and it makes suns and stuff too!!
    -The Shock/Shock Ammo jump thing is now possible
    -Flak room has been COMPLETELY covered with blocking volumes, so if you get stuck is not because of meshes, cause ALL are set to block weapons only
    -The sniper platform has been lowered so that the HammerJump would work
    -Added fog (yay)
    -Lighting retouched
    -Map Preview screenshot changed(topic too)
    -Added some more blocking volumes
    -The trims in the UDamage ledge have no collision, so you wont hit your head and bounce off while doing a HammerJump to get there. And the deco meshes are behind a blocking volume so that they wont block you. Also the roof meshes were moved so that players were allowed to dodge away from the ledge fluidly and unstopped

    Regarding the curved stairs. Dodging in stairs is complicated across ALL maps that have BSP stairs, cause i've tested that thing out in various maps and though it's possible, it's not as easy as it was in Unreal Tournament.

    -Fixed tons of collision problems
    -Added tons of custom blocking volumes to ensure better gameflow
    -Main room scaled down a bit to make it more cozy and UT like
    -Enhanced Decoration
    -Paths fixed (ie. lift pathing)
    -Added a music arrangement (yay )
    -Ugly *** old teleports replaced for some prettier ones
    -L A V A


    -The distance from the platform that holds the shock rifle to the cycle path (for the shield teleport and bio rifle) has been tweaked so that is unreachable with dodges or dual jumps (AFAIC)
    -Flak/Armor Room scaled down a bit so that it would feel more cozy
    -Especial volumes added to such zones to make it a LOT more Flak-Friendly
    -Fixed the Magic Hole at the near exit of the teleporter/link place
    -Jump boots removed to avoid retarded feedback
    -Perpendicular corridor completely redesigned and redecorated
    -Decoration and lighting enhanced for both corridors (minigun/redeemer)
    -Added the cave for the redeemer room (Lava Missing)
    -Floors moved to make them closer to originals
    -Fixed curved stairs movement problems
    -Decoration and lighting enhanced for curved stairs/UDamage(Damage Amp) section
    -Especial Blocking Volumes added in some places to avoid stuckage
    -The thing that it tried to load from the old package is gone now, so online playability should be fine
    -Desaturation values from Post Processing Effects removed
    -General lighting enhanced
    -General decoration enhanced






    Me (Samuel Mendez) (aka Ignotium @Epic Boards) (aka StraTooS @Beyond Unreal Boards)

    Allan 'Talisman' Willard for the original map for Unreal Tournament

    I'm glad to be the first on this thread to say Incredible work! I've been playing Beta7 for a while now and I love what you've done with this map. I can understand your obession though 'cause this is one of my favorite maps since UT99 and brings back a lot of good memories from back in the day. Congrats on the release and again great job on an awesome map.


      I love Liandri. Perfect size for some 3 player action, and scales up to more players well too. Great for LAN parties of whatever size. And now a perfect version of the map for UT3! Thanks so much for availing yourself of the beta forum and tweaking this thing until it was done. I hope it didn't burn you out, but I'd like to think it was worth it


        Originally posted by MamiyaOtaru View Post
        I love Liandri. I hope it didn't burn you out,
        Actually, it did

        Originally posted by MamiyaOtaru View Post
        but I'd like to think it was worth it
        So do i, and i hope everyone that liked the original Liandri, likes this one, and if someone think is too dark, overdecorated, too cramped, fps whatever, get the classic version, you'll love that one and if you dont! then


          Congratulations ! Finally released !

          hard work finally over !


            This is a awesome remake, great job, thx for this release ^^


              Very awesome remake you made. Thank you. The preview pic is not working. I am not sure if there is an error in the ini file or what. Here is what is in the ini file for the preview..



                Originally posted by Ignotium View Post
                So do i, and i hope everyone that liked the original Liandri, likes this one, and if someone think is too dark, overdecorated, too cramped, fps whatever, get the classic version, you'll love that one and if you dont! then
                I like the classic one better as its more similair to the original but this new look to it is really great too, nice job on finally completing this


                  VERY well done! fantastic work m8!! this reminds me so much on epics remakes of CTF Coret and DM-Deck!

                  The Details in your map are amazing, you can tell you put a lot of work into this project!

                  I would love to see your remakes of Gauntlet or Eternal Cave or lava giant, because you clearly know how to make good remakes!

                  5 Stars


                    does this have the classic music to it? ( dling so im about to find out)


                      Originally posted by AnubanUT2
                      WTH man ... the beta testers who stuck with you through weeks of testing this and multiple versions don't even get a thank you or any mention whatsoever in the readme? Are you kidding me? Now that is not cool at all. I would expect that from someone else but not you.
                      Yeah it sucks, i thought it was included in the old readme, and that's why i didn't checked it, but now that i double checked it, i included in the LiandriClassic readme. And chill, it was just a **** up and that's not my style, i will edit the OP now


                        I wouldn't call it final tbh, it's still missing the original music, and a menu screenshot. Pretty basic stuff


                          Excellent map. A pleasure to play something that had so much work into it.


                            Originally posted by Andeh View Post
                            I wouldn't call it final tbh, it's still missing the original music, and a menu screenshot. Pretty basic stuff
                            The reason why i didn't include the original music is basically cause i just didnt wanted to, period (yes i considered it)
                            And the screenshot works for me, and i TRIPLE tested it

                            Ok, i finally saw it! i'm a victim of "you-name-it" crappy cache treats of some sorts (again), the game kept on showing me previous versions of the map, hence i saw the preview screen. Now i kinda solved by removing all maps from the folder and then repasting them so that the game would be forced to repage the or something. I'll upload the fixed ini now

                            ***** technologyz!


                              awesome work, glad to see it finished

                              dm-mojo next!