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Shee Labs Mutator Week 1: Light

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    coool il download


      Kill the best, not the worst sounds the best.


        Few suggestions:

        1) "Kill the best.." Can U put a "bad" song to inform who has killed the worst? (like a teamkill song , for example)

        2) "Flashlights". This mod has sense if U turn the lights off with "Blindness". (another modder has already started a mod like this... search for "LightsOut")
        However the framedrop is very relevant for me

        3) Can U see me?". UT3 hasn't a good spatial sound like UT2004, so it's a bit difficult to find the enemies. Maybe a less-invisibile skip can help..


          Originally posted by UDoKuoio View Post
          Few suggestions:

          3) Can U see me?". UT3 hasn't a good spatial sound like UT2004, so it's a bit difficult to find the enemies. Maybe a less-invisibile skip can help..
          You can use the skin-overlay of the UT3-Invisibility-Powerup, so you can see the enemies a >little< bit better (in dark maps). I have done it in the >StealthArena< for me, and it's fun.


            @UDoKuoio: bonus/malus is +3/-3 that's hardcoded in the GameRules for now. I appreciate your advices but as ambershee said we won't make any modifications because there's a new theme every week.
            I keep your advices for next mutators


              Yeah, we won't be making any additions to the mutators - they're written as an exercise, under a strict deadline. I am however happy to personally take the extra time out to ensure they work for other people and are fixed up.

              I'll be updating the download when I get home from work. Hopefully someone can let me know if everything is working happily.



                I didn't realize that the your 1st goal was to work for your own (create something in a limited amount of time) and, IF there's time to spend, give to the community something enjoyable.

                Maybe it's a strategy to build a stress-proof team.
                However, the "product" have to work well in the customer PC (the UT-community) before the deadline, or the deadline is menaningless as it is now.

                I visit often this forum 'cause UT3 is born dead in Italy and I hope someone here can make something special to the community, where Epic didn't.

                GL for your weekly works!


                  With the amount of time modding can take out of people's lives, everyone mods for their own enjoyment first and for a public release second

                  Except the few glory seekers.


                    Daz is bang on the money - the idea is to write something to experiment with code - it's a learning exercise more than anything else. If things get finished, then they're passed on for people to play (and there's no reason for them not to be).

                    Thanks for the well-wishing


                      any work on this? its a fantastic set of mods but none of them worked ? i had settings on full and postprocessing on the highest.


                        How about you start sharing... I share content, and I'm a PS3 user, if it's going to be like that, then I'll cook my content for PS3, and just not release it for PC.


                          They're not going to get PS3 cooked when a fair few people have said they don't work on PC are they?