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DM-Painkiller [Screenshots] [PC + PS3 Downloads] [Final]

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    DM-Painkiller [Screenshots] [PC + PS3 Downloads] [Final]

    Name: DM-Painkiller

    Version: 1.2 Final

    Compatibility: Untested on any version of PC release prior to 1.2 but should work fine.


    Based on ZTNDM5 - Painkiller by Sten Uusvali (AKA 'Ztn') for Quake 1, this map is a small DM map suited best for 1 on 1 duels, or DMs of 2-6 players.


    This is my first real attempt at a level using UnrealEd as previously I have only used editors for the Quake series and Half-Life. It's not the most amazing looking level, and I'm not happy with it but I'm not sure how to make it any better and I am just about ready to move on to my next project as this was more of a learning task for me.

    As this is based on a Quake 1 level, it has no real sense of itself or identification; it exists simply for the sake of existing. However, this remains my favourite map layout of all time (though Nostalgia possibly plays a large part in this :P). The level is perfect for Duels and 1v1 DMs, but will work more or less fine with up to 6 players in the map (though it WILL get very hectic).

    The map contains all weapons except for the Sniper, Redeemer and Avril. It does not contain any powerups as the level does not suit them IMO. I'm fairly sure that it should be entirely bug-free now, but if you DO happen to find anything please be sure to let me know and I will see what I can do The map contains full bot mapping and the bots utilise ever weapon/part of the map.

    Finally - please be sure to leave feedback if you like this level, or even if you dont! The mapping community can never grow if you dont supply feedback



    Sten 'ZTN' Uusvali for the original map (best ever DM map IMO)
    Epic for UT3
    The entire epic forums community for their countless tutorials, helpful posts, idea generation, etc.
    Team Aeternia for support/ideas (particularly Lil_Azza)
    Hourences and Gasduck for their wealth of knowledge



    DM-Painkiller (PC)
    DM-Painkiller (PS3)

    Downloading now. Love this map in 1 on 1 duels with my friend.

    To address the point I made in the beta thread about having to run up the steps to get to the teleporter, The reason I don't like this is because I think it somewhat ruins the flow of the map a little. I think personally the map would flow alot better if you could drop down to that teleporter, instead of having to run around. Of course keep the steps there, so that if you're on the ground below (getting the shield belt) then you will have to run up the steps. (a small sacrifice for grabbing the shield belt)
    thats my opinion of how to improve the map further. Again, nice work! Its a solid map, and it would not suprise me at all if this map is played competitively online


      Cheers Hope you like the changes I've made for this final version. Biggest things were bot pathing here... though I also added some more ammo and health as I think all 1v1 focussed levels should have plenty of both It also made the bot pathing much easier lol. (as a result, some health vials are missing from the above screenshots lol... my bad)

      And fair enough @ your point about the teleporter... Perhaps if I have to do some more work on this level for some reason I will look at that. However... if you play the map a little you will actually find about 3 locations, one RIGHT NEXT to that teleporter, where you can actually double jump up on to the pltform that the teleporter is on


        The map is sweet but the reflecting ground looks bad on every map! Never liked it.
        The fog is way too much! And it doesn't work together with the reflecting ground, looks just grey!


          Thanx for your feedback skcuScipE

          I guess the reflective floor is a matter of opinion and I dont realy mind it but fair enough. As for fog... there is no fog in this level so I'm not really sure what you are meaning? Thanks for the comments though regardless


            Here is a video of the map in action with some bots.

            I also have a few lighting issues with the map. Some of the parts where there is a lower and an upper level it's hard to see where the staircase is joining the two and until you know the map quite well you sometimes find yourself jumping straight at the ledge trying to get up to the higher level because you can't find the stairs while being shot at.

            Perhaps a row of lights on the ledge itself facing sideways except for the staircase (or adding a set of different colored lights going up the stairs) would help, or just adding a bit more ambient lighting.


              That video is horrible :P lol... nah its not bad but its very washed out and makes things look ultra grey... Cheers anyways dude.


                Thanks for adding the map to our site

                It's a great map, thanks again



                  Q1 level remake!

                  Why it took me so long to try this one is beyond me. The sky is a little blurry and rough "around" the edges, but it still looks decent. Looks like a dark map set in some space station setting. It almost looks like it could be in a Stargate episode or something like that. Good mix of open and tight spots and the bots are OK. I don't mind the steps near the teleporter and the map was easy enough to get from place to place.


                    link for PC didnt work for me it said file unavailabe :S plz upload to


                      try this:

                      Always search if you can't find an older map.